Monday, January 17, 2011

Our Own Little Ramona & Book Recommendation

I cut Sweet Pea's hair for the first time a week or so ago.  I've trimmed her bangs a bit a few times,  but this was her first real haircut.  With the kids, I've generally figured I'd try cutting their hair myself and then I could take them to someone else if I messed it up.  Some hair cuts turn out better than other, but I haven't had to take anyone them to get "fixed" yet.  I'm kinda proud of this one.

The first thing Firecracker said when she saw Sweet Pea's haircut was, "Ramona!!!"
Apporpriate I suppose since I believe Ramona's mother cut the girls' hair...until Ramona gets her first pixie haircut.  The Ramona books are quite popular at our house.  We read most of them aloud to Firecracker by checking them out from the library...and since they came from the library, some of them were the older editions with the older illustrations and some were the newer editions with the more updated I'm not sure which Ramona Firecracker thinks Sweet Pea looks the most like.

One of these maybe?

Or this one?

I'm thinking on the average day after a nap, it maybe more like this one or that one of her walking around on the cans...

But when I actually style it (almost never) right after she gets out of the bath it might approach this one...maybe? almost? 
Although I haven't really cut Sweet Pea's bangs, since we often pull them back with a clippy...

...but I probably should cut them since she pulls the clippies out and walks around with them in her face. far as book recommendations...we haven't gone wrong with a Ramona book yet.  They're great to check-out from the library or to buy as gifts.  Firecracker especially identifies with the early Ramona...Ramona the Pest being her favorite since that's when Ramona is in kindergarten.  Firecracker and Ramona have a lot in common.  Firecracker received a set of Beverly Cleary books, including most of the Ramona books for Christmas.  We read through Henry Huggins and half way through The Mouse and the Motorcycle while waiting for airplanes to and from Hawaii, and those are winners too.  There's something about some of those old classics that the newer books just don't seem to measure up to.


  1. I loved reading the Ramona books and the Henry Huggins books as a kid. I never dreamed I would move to the metro area (Portland, OR) where Beverly Cleary had lived. I have driven on Klickitat Street, and the huge Multnomah County Library in Portland has a wonderful BIG Ramona statue in it. We'll have to take Firecracker to see it sometime!

    You used to love the Betsy-Tacy books when you were little, and also the Little House series by Laura Ingalls Wilder. Great classics.

  2. We ADORE Ramona books in my house =) I have had more than one person look at my oldest girls and say "she DOES look like Ramona!" They act like her too ;)

  3. She DOES look like Ramona! Ramona was my favorite book series as a kid and now my daughter loves them too. :D


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