Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Like Mother Like Daughter

It's been a while since I showed off any of Firecracker's work.  She's been a busy little crafter lately, and it's always fun to see what she comes up with completely on her own.  Here's her little Valentine Banner she made all on her own.  She traced a heart shaped puzzle piece a bunch of times, cut them out and used a glue stick to attach them.  If you're looking for a more polished printable Valentine Banner, you might want to check out this one at Note from a Very Red Kitchen...but I'm content with Firecracker's Version.

Hubby and I still laugh about this next project every time we see it on our dresser.  Firecracker pulled a broken ornament out of the trash.  It was one I'd personalized to go with my sister's Christmas gift, and then realized it had some pieces chipped off.  I had another one (because I'd picked up several after Christmas a previous year) that I personalized and threw the broken one away.  Firecracker found it and said, "Mom!  Don't throw this away!  I can make something out of this!!"  I really have only myself to blame as I have been known to rescue things from the trash for crafting purposes.  She turned it into this...She took the star off and put it over a manger scene she'd drawn.  Then she turned the snowmen  into shepherds and drew sheep around them.

Firecracker also recently drew a self-portrait and wanted to put it in a frame I'd just bought at Goodwill.  I gave her some fabric scraps to put behind it, so the cardboard wouldn't show.  This is up on our mantle for now.

Firecracker also has fun borrowing the camera now and then, so here are a few things through her eyes that I found on my camera.

A little plastic suncatcher she earned for reading and got to paint.

And the frame she decorated with the picture of her with her friends at Firecracker's princess birthday party.


  1. I love it! She's a great little crafter. My daughter is the same way, most of the time if I'm crafting, and she's awake, she's crafting too. She even got these cute little magnetic picture frames for putting her art on the fridge, which has been very helpful because she can only add as many pictures as will fit in the frame. (My fridge has never been so clean!)

  2. Haha. Super great projects. What a smart kid!

  3. Good job Katie - those are great craft projects!

  4. I love the self portrait! She's definitely improving on her people-drawing skills :). I love all of her projects.


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