Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lovely Little Jewelry Bag

Sometimes it comes in handy to have a mom who reads your blog...because then she knows what things you'd love to get for your birthday.  This could also some some sweet Christmas wrapping.

Look what came in the mail last week.

And before you think that this is entirely a show-off-my-awesome-birthday-gift post, I'll let you know that if you'd like to make a Lovely Little Jewelry Bag of your own, my mom has the tutorial posted on her blog.

I am still learning the craft of making a gift's wrapping look as lovely as the gift itself...but my mom has it mastered.  Remember how she wrapped my Christmas gift?

The little jewelry bag actually came looking like this:

I opened the little bag to find:

Don't you love that little wire bow?!? 

And inside was:


She saw my earlier post featuring my friend Maile's shop, and ordered one of my favorite pieces...the Fibonacci Pendant Necklace.

And to give you a look inside the bag itself.  It opens up flat...

...and has some sweet little compartments to slip necklaces and other pretties into.

Right now it's also holding my new glass tile pendant necklace from my friend Lisa's shop Lily and Oak.

And a bag this cute and this red, is just begging to be drawn up into a little heart for photography purposes.

I'm also still learning the craft of properly thanking someone for such lovely gifts.  For instance, my mom was visiting this last weekend...and I didn't even pull it out and show her.   There should be a mother-daughter photo of my mom and I together while I wear the pretty necklace.  But...we were too busy visiting, playing with the kids and enjoying the long weekend.

So I'm wearing it today...and it even inspired me to forget my stuffy nose and pull myself together enough to take a decent picture of myself showing it off.  Afterall, I ought to have a decent headshot on here so you can know what I look like.  (Thank goodness for the timer feature on the camera...because it turns out my 3-year old is not very good at framing and taking pictures.)

Thanks, Mom!  This is the perfect necklace to dress-up my typical T-shirt and jeans wardrobe...and also to look classy for the days when I really dress up.

Now help me show my mom a little thanks by heading over to her blog and giving her some comment love on her tutorial for this lovely little jewelry bag (and necklace) she sent for my birthday.


  1. Thanks for the photos and the fun blog post, Polly! It sure was fun to see you and the family over the weekend.

  2. I love that your mom blogs! Great bag!! (And you look great too! :)


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