Tuesday, February 22, 2011


No, I'm not making crafts with it...just taking pictures of it. 

We had our first (of what we're told is likely to be many) spring wind storms.  Whenever there is wind, the kids always have lots of fun watching the tumbleweed bounce around.

And when the storm was over, we walked over the elementary school where the fence was entirely covered in tumbleweed.

It can be kind of pretty...in it's own way.

It was fun to peak through.

And this little tumbleweed made me think that maybe there needs to be a Snowmen at Night...but tumbleweed style.  This little guy was having a fun time swinging and must not have quite made it back to his spot in line at the fence before the sun came up.

Anyway, I had fun trying to make the tumbleweed pretty.

And if you missed my post yesterday because of the holiday...it's pretty awesome.  Be sure to check out our new shelves.

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