Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Rainbow Fish - Read Along with Busy as a Bee in Paris

Maria and I met back when we were each newly married and going to BYU.  Now that we live on different continents, we keep in touch via our blogs.   Maria and her family live in France and speak three languages in their home.  Maria blogs at Busy as a Bee in Paris and writes about a little bit of everything (family, faith, food, creativity) with her own unique flair.  You'll especially want to check out some of her posts about raising multilingual children.

Maria is sharing the Rainbow Fish by by Marcus Pfister

I have a thing for kids art projects that have dimension and texture to them...so I can't wait to try out her project making rainbow fish with aluminum foil.

You can see how her girls made these here.


  1. Thank you for all the intriguing links, Polly.

  2. This is perfect Polly! Thank you! also, how are you setting up your reading page, it looks great and i would love to do the same for a bilingualism carnival that i'm going to host in july. P.S. i didn't even remember that you once babysat alex!!!! i just remember when you would come to tutor sam in math!


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