Tuesday, March 22, 2011

This Old Man - Read Along with Notes from a Very Red Kitchen

This old man!  He's so fun!  He put cereal on my one...

Today I get to welcome one of my very favorite bloggers...Katie from Notes from a Very Red Kitchen.  Okay, I'm a little biased...she's my sister...but seriously her blog is awesome and way cooler than mine, and it was following all the cool craft blog links on her blog that got me hooked on craft blogs in the first place.

Katie is full of classy and simple ideas for her home and inspired by her adorable daughter Olivia.  Katie's Read-Along contribution is no different.  She's sharing a cute version of the nursery rhyme This Old Man and has a fun math idea for the very little ones (her daughter is 18 months). 

And she's even got a variation for the older ones.

I can't wait to print myself a set of these flashcards and use them with my kids...be sure to visit her post for the link to them.

And this is rather sad that I had to go back 3 whole years to find a picture of us together...I'm sure there are more recent ones, but I couldn't find one...but here's picture proof that we are sisters.  Here we are with another sister and brother.  (There are a lot more of us.)

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