Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Toy Boat - Read Along with Me

We brought Toy Boat by Randall de Sève home from the library because of the beautiful illustrations.  Once we read it though, I realized it was begging to be turned into an activity.

The little boy in the book has a toy boat that he made out of a can, a cork, a yellow pencil, and some white cloth.  He plays with it at the lake everyday, until one day it breaks loose and goes out into the lake and is tossed and battered by a storm and the other larger boats.  In the end, the little toy boat makes it back to his boy, and they're never seperated again.

We didn't have a can or a we made ours a little differently.  Besides, I thought we needed something guaranteed to float since I was doing it with Little Brother and Sweet Pea.  I started with a styrofoam meat tray.  Ours had been used, washed, and run through the dishwasher, so I felt it was safe.  You could try asking for some never-used ones in your meat department if you don't like the idea of used.

I started by giving the kids some crayons to color them with.

The crayons worked okay, but the colors weren't very bright, so I got brave and let Little Brother use a permanent marker...and watched him carefully.  Sweet Pea had to stick with the crayons.

Then I poked a pencil through for the mast.  (I made Little Brother's hole a bit to big, so we used some playdo to help it stand up straight...I would just recommend making a new hole because the playdo became a soggy mess by the end.)

Then I cut a sail and a flag out of some felt.

This would probably be a better activity to do during the summer when we could go play outside with them...but we used the bathtub instead.

They had fun (especially since they were wearing clothes in the bathtub!).

And even made a few storms of their own.

And even when their sails got wet and saggy and the pulled their pencils out...they styrofoam was still fun to play with in the bathtub.

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  1. How fun! Super Tot loves boats, so we will absolutely have to do this one!

  2. I don't think you could go wrong with a boat... I really don't! Sometimes its hard to find a craft that the boys will enjoy - but this is great!

    I'm excited to feature this on my weekly High Five! - but this week is a special High Ten! because I'm behind and couldn't narrow down the choices.

    High Ten! Friday

    Thanks for the great idea!
    Jamie @ hands on : as we grow

  3. What a great project, I love when a book just begs to be turned into an activity! Emily loves when she is able to use my special markers too. I never think of just putting the kids in the tub to play during the winter, they would both love it, I may have to surprise them next week :0)

    Thank you for linking up to stART!

  4. That book looks great - I'll have to seek it out. The craft looks fun too. Anything which involves kids getting wet is bound to be a hit!

  5. How fun! Your kids are too cute!

    Thanks for sharing at the For the Kids Friday Link Party! I look forward to having you back this Friday!

  6. Thanks for sharing this! I love this book.


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