Saturday, April 9, 2011

Fresh Red in my Kitchen...

I know I'm not the only one who's excited spring is here...or at least on it's way.  All of a sudden I'm in the mood to make my kitchen more springy. 

It's been a while since I've added any red to the kitchen.  I've got a bread box that has been sitting nearly finished in the garage all winter...and it's sitting there still.  I'm hoping it will warm up enough to really start working in the garage again soon.  In the mean time though, I found this bright little wire basket on my Goodwill hunt yesterday.  I also brought home a basket of strawberries, and picked just one of the tulips that have bloomed in our front yard this week.  (It's destined for a science lesson on part of a flower in a day or two.)

Another recent addition is this little charmer.  My friend Lisa sent me some scent melts from her shop Lily and Oak to try a while ago.  We'd been experimenting with them by just heating them in a pan of water, but we're loving them so much, I decided to go ahead and order a scent melts warmer from her.  I went for red since I figured it would spend most of it's time in our kitchen.
It's made itself right at home next to our Little Red Shelf, the dishclothes from my mom, and the fabric covered cans holding my measuring spoons.

And of course we had to get a new scent out and try it right away.  This week we've been enjoying English Garden (available by itself or in the Scent Melts Sampler Pack.)  It brings a nice springy scent into the house...since our tulips are beautiful but not very aromatic.

And the kids are facinated with the melting wax... it's a good thing it never gets hot enough to burn them.

(I can always tell when Firecracker has been sneaky and touched her finger to the melted wax because next time she walks by, she smells delightful :)

If you'd like to try some of Lisa's scent melts or other products for free, she's having a giveway on Facebook.  You can enter to win a $10 gift certificate plus free shipping for any of her products.

Lily and Oak is also the perfect place to start your Mother's Day shopping.  Lisa will have gift baskets in her shop soon, so be sure to check back.  Or if your mom isn't into scent melts, Lisa has an amazing selection of pendant necklaces and beautiful tile magnets (you case your mom needs something other than the magnet from the dry cleaners or local pizza place to hold up your kids' art work).

And I'm hoping to add some more red to the kitchen throughout the summer.  I bought two 10 packs of strawberry starts at Home I guess you know what I'll be busy doing as you're reading this.

What are you doing to welcome spring into your home?

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