Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Colored Freezer Paper Flower Pot Wrap - Great for Moms and Teachers!

As promised, I've got a fun and easy way to cover flower pots...a freezer paper wrap decorated by your child.  These would be great to present a Mother's Day or Teacher Appreciation gift.

I figured that our main gift for Teacher Appreciation week would be a nice letter to Firecracker's principal about a couple of her teachers, but I wanted a small gift to go along with it.  I took Firecracker down to the store and let her choose out a potted plant for each of the three teachers (classroom teacher, classroom aide, and computer teacher) that I wrote letters about.  Then I realized that I needed to do something with the pot...something easy...and something to keep the pot from making everything that touched it dirty and damp. 

That's when I decided to use freezer paper.  The plasticy side keeps slight moisture in, and I had Firecracker color on the papery side.

Add a coloring card and letter to the principal, and you've got a cute and easy personalized gift.  (I have to say it was the nice letter that Firecracker's teacher mentioned in her email...not the flower don't skip the letter!)

It's super easy.  Here's what you'll need. I made a template to make a cover for a typical 4 in. flower pot here but you can easily make your own for a different size pot.

Cut out a 9 inch square of freezer paper.  Fold it in half with the papery side out.

You don't really need the template, but it will help your child know where they can draw so that the picture isn't lost in the folds.  Trace the template on two opposite edges of the paper side.

So that it should look like this.  (Sorry the pencil lines are light...I didn't want them to show after she was done coloring.)

Have your child draw on it.  Make sure they know which sides will end up being "up" when it goes on the pot.  (We ended up with some upside down ones.)

Put your pot in the middle of the paper.  Then put a little roll of tape in the middle of all for edges. 

Fold up each of the four sides. 

Then fold the extra paper around the edges so that your child's pictures show.

Tape securely, and trim.

That's it!

For the card, I found the image from here and just whipped up a card in Word.  If you like mine, you can download it here

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  1. Thank you for this lovely idea!! I've just written letters to the principal for each of my kids' teachers, and it never would have occurred to me to do so without reading your post. And I love the freezer paper-decorated pot! Cute and personalized, but not something they have to find a permanent spot for in their home or feel guilty about tossing. Perfect.


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