Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Little Brother is 3 1/2 and all boy.  He LOVES to tease his sisters and call people "tootie bums" or "stinky underwear" which he has never heard anyone in our house say and came up with all on his own.  Some days it makes me crazy.

So it's always nice when I catch glimpses that he is growing up and maturing and that there is a sweet and sensative boy in there underneath it all.  One of those times was watching Little Brother get his Mother's Day present ready for his birthmom.  I got some cute little faux embroidery fabric post cards made up for the kids to color with crayons...which Little Brother did his most thorough and careful coloring job on...ever.

He also did a really sweet job of dictating the little letter to go on the back.

And all on his own, he came up with the idea to send Liz cookies.  So we asked her what her favorite kind was and the next day Little Brother got to stay up later at naptime to make cookies with me after Sweet Pea had gone to bed.

He loved it.  (Cooking with one kid is so much more enjoyable for me than cooking with all three...or even two.)

And Little Brother was SOOO proud of his gift and was excited to mail it.  I also love that the kids are getting old enough for the gifts to their birthparents to actually be from them instead of from me about them.  I think their birthparents like that too.

These are the first three we got done.  There are a few more we still need to finish and send out late.  (The other two were colored by Firecracker.)

The pattern I used was actually an anniversary/Valentine's pattern (Love You Still) from Twin Stitchers, but I thought the saying fit our situation pretty well too, so I just resized the figures and rearranged the words a bit.  The Grandma one was done using the Grandma from Gram and Gramps and the girl from Love You Still...yes I LOVE mixing and matching these patterns!!)

I've been refining the method for making the postcards and hope to have a tutorial finished for them besides a glimpse of the sweet side of my little boy, you get a glimpse of an upcoming project.


  1. So cute! I can't wait for a tutorial about postcards. We have lots of family that would love to get postcards from our boys. :) I also have an "all boy" almost 3 year old. If I can get him to do anything but play with tractors, cars, anything with wheels it's amazing. I am all girl, I try to get him to play with dolls and do "crafty" stuff with me... he pays attention for 3.2 seconds and has turned whatever we are doing into something with tractors. :) Love boys!!! Thanks again for your lovely blog!

  2. AWWWWW! This is so sweet! I love when boys have a sweet and sensitive side to them!

  3. My 3-1/2 year old calls everyone a donut! :)

  4. Perfect way to sum up a busy 3 1/2 year old boy! My little guy is the same age and similar characteristics from the sounds of things.(Kind of nice to hear I'm not the only one discovering phrases that come out of the blue!)
    What a fun memory he will have of cooking with his mom!


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