Monday, May 23, 2011

Meeting Ramona and Hanging with Henry

So it's no surprise around here that we love Ramona and Henry and pretty much every other Beverly Cleary book we've ever read...and I think we've read at least half of them now.

So while we were in the Portland area for my sister's baby shower, we decided to go meet Ramona. 

And Henry

And Ribsy.

Henry was really as nice in person as he is in the books.  He put up with the photoshoot and a tired three year old riding on his shoulders.

And he's exactly the kind of boy you hope your daughter walks around holding hands with someday.

There is a small sculpture garden in Grant Park in Portland, near the neighborhood where Beverly Cleary grew up and near Klickitat Street where Ramona and Henry Huggins live in the books.

The kids had fun meeting the statues. 

Although Firecracker said Ramona wasn't quite how she had imagined her...(I have to admit...I agree.)

And they were surprised to find that Henry Huggins had an apple in his pocket...

They put up with the pictures with the statues, though, and then had a really fun time playing at the park.

Afterward, we went to Klickitat Street itself...

...and happened upon a real-life Ribsy.  (Well his owner said his name was Cody, but we know better.) 

Having just read Ribsy by Beverly Cleary on the drive from our house to Portland, we were pretty excited to have a friendly, mutt-looking dog come and drop a ball at our feet and invite us to play catch.  (Which Ribsy does with a boy he doesn't know in the book.)

Totally fun trip...and free if you're ever in the Portland area.

And we made sure to get a few pictures of the whole family on the trip...because we really don't have that many of those.


  1. Loved the family photo. It turned out really great. Definetly framable! It also looks like the kids had fun at the park.

  2. That was such a fun day! I agree with Ellen - that's a great family photo.

  3. How fun!! I loved the Ramona series growing up and have read a few to Pinky too. Wonder if I can find a reason to visit Portland just so I can say I've visited Klickitat Street. ;)

    I love you family photos too - the last one is definitely frameable!

  4. Great pictures - I had no idea the street was real. We've really enjoyed her Mouse and the Motorcycle books.

  5. What a wonderful field trip! I loved reading her books when I was little.

    Thank you for linking to Read.Explore.Learn.

  6. What a great place to visit ... we love the Beverly Cleary characters.


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