Friday, June 10, 2011

50 Point Club and Other Big Events

It's been a BIG week for Katie.

Yesterday Firecracker made it into the 50 Point Club at school.  That means she's earned over 50 AR points this year, and since nearly all the books she's read were worth 0.5 points each, it takes reading and taking little tests on over 100 books.  (Over 100 because she misses a few questions here or there and doesn't always get the full 0.5 points.)

We didn't know until Firecracker had reached 50 points that she's the first kindergartener at her school to do that.  She's known this day was coming for a couple weeks and was SUPER excited about it.  We're proud of her for putting in so much work over the school year for this.  We've tried to keep a constant supply of AR books on the shelf for her and she's just plugged away at them one by one.

A sweet day was made even sweeter when one of her best friends made it into the 10 point club.  They were the only two kindergarteners to get these awards this year.

And in other big news Alanna, Firecracker's birthmom, came for a visit with her husband (remember when we went to their wedding) while they're on their way through Washington headed for Alaska.
We let Firecracker stay home from school for the day...well most of it...she wanted to take Alanna for lunch at the school, and they stayed for math time.

And then a week ago they had kindergarten graduation.
Now I thought the idea of a "kindergarten graduation" was a little silly...and it is...but they way they worked it out, it was a really fun and cute celebration of the fun year all the kids had.
You could tell her teacher had put a lot of work into it.  She's been collecting special pieces of the kids' work all year and had compiled them into several different themed memory books for the kids to keep.

These are the lovely ladies that have been teaching Firecracker all year and who we made these for.

Our last day of school is tomorrow...Saturday...We're excited!


  1. Way to go kiddo! Why do you guys have school on Saturday?

  2. Wow - Firecracker's hair STILL looks like her teachers. What a big year she's had! She deserves some graduation hoopla. And what a treat to have Alanna and Micah come through.

    A big CONGRATULATIONS from the literacy coach grandma for SO MUCH reading! Way to go!!

  3. YAY!!!! Congrats Firecracker! You are super special! You should be sooo proud of yourself sweetie! I know your family is!


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