Thursday, June 2, 2011

After-Mother's Day Photo Necklace

Liz, Little Brother's birthmom, had her birthday last week.  I loved the fabric postcard that Little Brother made for her, and it was so cute that he thought of making cookies for her on his own...but I wanted to give her some a little nicer for her birthday.

I bumped into these photo tile necklaces on Not So Idle Hands while I was clicking around.  (Love that blog...although Emily doesn't post often anymore.) 

Anyway, I fell in love with the idea of making a necklace for Liz, but I didn't have any of the stuff to make them...and the nearest craft store is about 45 minutes I emailed my friend Lisa of Lily and Oak to see how much she would charge to make them for me.  It turns out it's the same price as for her other pendants, and you can order one hereAwesome.  (If you're Liz and you're reading this...I was totally willing to spend more!)

I emailed Liz to find out which pictures of Little Brother were her favorite, and ended up using this one.  Little Brother was fascinated that his picture was on it and had to open it himself.

And send it off with a kiss to Liz.

Along with a cute little handmade card.  He really can be a sweet boy.

Now I know it's past Mother's Day, but there are mother's in your life who probably have birthdays coming up.  Yes?  Or I think one of these pendants could make a fun key chain for Dad.
(Especially if it included a picture like this for him.)
(That picture in the background can be found here from Shirleen Bland's Art Studio.)

What do you think?


  1. Hahahahaha - why didn't Liz want that last photo of Little Bro on her necklace?

    What a very sweet gift. Good ideas.

  2. Oops - I guess I'm still logged in as Katie, from her visit and her borrowing my computer - that was mom/Kathy.


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