Friday, June 3, 2011

Family Portrait - Doodle Style {Great Father's Day Gift}

I hope you're not tired of seeing Doodle People Faux Embroidery...because I'm not tired of making it yet.  I am notoriously late (or absent entirely) with gifts.

We kind of flaked out with Christmas gifts for birth family in December.  (They're still sitting mostly finished on the craft table in the garage.)  So I wanted to make sure we got something out Mother's Day and Father's Day, since both of our adopted kids are lucky to have contact with both sides of their birth families.  Little Brother has talked several times lately about the time he played at the park with Josiah (his birth dad) and Josiah chased him all over the place.  He's played at several different parks with Josiah, but from the other details he gives...the particular time he's remembering was almost 2 years ago.  (Not a bad memory, since Little Brother isn't quite 4!)

Neither of these pictures is the time Little Brother especially remembers, but they're fun pictures, so I thought I'd show them off.  That's Little Brother with Josiah.

Because of that special memory, I thought this family at the park (Sand Box Family from Twin Stitchers) would be a perfect gift for Josiah's family.  (He's married with two kids now.)

Here's Little Brother's brother...

...and Little Brother with his brother in-person (even though Little Brother is the Big Brother of the two)...

...and his other little sister who just turned one.

And Little Brother is the blonde one on the slide.
And the lovely lady climbing the slide is Sarah, Josiah's wife.

Since Josiah is going to be in the wilderness around the Grand Canyon for an internship for the summer...I actually got his present done early (for once) and sent it off. 

The pattern has you include names, but I liked the figures so much the way they were that I got a little worried I'd ruin it with the names.  When I made this one for my friend's family, I included their names.

(This is an example for people to order their own personalized family portrait at the upcoming bike-a-thon for Histiocytosis in our town.  If you're interested in donating a craft item to the cause, you can see my post here.)

Now I just need to make one for Hubby...I'm thinking maybe the Swing Set Family...


  1. This turned out too cute!!! I love this design and had a hard time deciding between it and the swing set family!

  2. What a fun idea to include all the kids together. Lots of love.

  3. I love this idea. What a fun idea.

    Jeanna. @.

  4. What a sweet idea! Really turned out cute.

  5. Apart from such a cute craft it is good to see such a positive representation of open adoption, thank you.

  6. Very interesting and I'm glad you shared this on Motivated Monday at BeColorful. I am not sure, though, if you embroidered this or what it is exactly. I guess I am too new to your blog. I went to the site and see that they are embroidery patterns but do you stitch them or color them?


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