Saturday, June 25, 2011

America the Beautiful - Singing Time

I was recently called to be the Primary Music Leader...which means I lead the singing time in the younger children's Sunday School Meeting.  I've been using many of the Flip Art files shared on Sugardoodle because I love having the words there for the kids to see.

The first verse of America the Beautiful describes our area in central Washington wonderfully, so I wanted to sing America the Beautiful with the kids leading up to the Fourth of July.  Sugardoodle didn't have a Flip Art for it, so I made my own...and now you can find it on Sugardoodle here.  The flip art just includes the 1st and 4th verses, since that was about as much as I thought I'd be able to teach them in so short a time.

Anyone else out there a music leader?


  1. I am a music leader. I was just contemplating on tomorrows music lesson, and some how got distracted by looking at craft blogs. I love the idea to start getting ready for the 4th. Thanks for the idea

  2. I am not a music leader, but my sister is and... WOW. It is a whole lot more work than I ever dreamed of. Especially for someone from a musically challenged family like mine. :) I teach YW and I love Sugardoodle, too!

  3. How fun! While I LOVE music...I have the WORST I am definitely not a leader...but that is why I love teaching kindergartners so much, they have no idea just how bad my voice is! HAHA!


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