Monday, June 27, 2011

Histio Heros Bike-A-Thon

Several weeks ago, I told you about my friend's boy Jackson who is living with histiocytosis and asked for donations of craft items for to sell and use as prizes for a bike-a-thon to raise money for histiocytosis research.

The event was AMAZING!  There were so many people who helped organize everything and a lot of people turned out to participate.

The craft table was just a very small part of what went on.  Here is the lone picture I remembered to take...and this was before I remembered set out the Twin Stitchers patterns.
At first I felt a little bad that some of these beautiful things didn't sell and ended up as "just prizes."  Then when they started announcing prizes, and I had heard just how much money many of the participants had raised, I was blown away...and so grateful that there were such nice prizes to offer.  We feel so lucky to live in a place where so many people in the community are willing to show support.

I also made up a few monster cupcakes for the bake sale they were having...and I figured out an even easier way to make them...stay tuned in the next week or so for a new tutorial.

And you might remember the Hand Print Quilt I helped Firecracker's class make, for a baby with histiocytosis.  Well, here he is receiving his blanket.  You can see another picture of him with his family here.

This picture was courtesy of Jess of Jessica Greenfield Photography.  Jess photographed the whole event and offered discounted private photo sessions with the proceeds benefiting histiocytosis research.  (She's taking family pictures for us in a few days...I'm so EXCITED!!)

I also wanted to make sure to send a BIG THANK YOU out all of you who donated!

Shirleen of Shirleen Bland's Art Studio donated a print of "Old Rusty."  You can order a print here.

Coley of Twin Stitchers donated stitchery pattern kits of pretty much every kit she offers, plus the permission to use her patterns to sell the customized faux embroideries.

My mom, Kathy Haynie, of Finding My Way donated one of her awesome fabric balls.  You can find her tutorial for them here.

Stephanie of The Queen of Unfinished Projects...actually finished a lot of projects and sent a huge bag of upcycled braided knit bracelets (not pictured because they were already on the prize table) AND some beautiful scarves and baby outfits that had been knitted and crocheted.  And while I totally appreciate everyone who donated items, I have to say that I was especially touched that Stephanie...who I've never met before would send so many beautiful handmade items.  Those little baby outfits alone represent such a huge gift of time.  I was SO impressed!

And just a few random shots...Hubby pulling Sweet Pea in the bike trailer riding along with Little Brother.

 Firecracker was a trooper and rode more than anyone else in the family.  She rode 13 miles.

The rest of us didn't log quite as many miles because Hubby and I took turns riding slow with Little Brother...and the last half hour or so, Sweet Pea declared she'd had enough of riding in the bike trailer and wanted to play at the park.

I was a bit skeptical when Firecracker asked to try the dunk tank, thinking that she'd never be able to do it.  They let her move a little closer, though, and she was able to make a dunk!

There was a LOT more going on...but I wasn't very good about taking pictures.  If you're interested in knowing more, you can the town newspaper article here.


  1. Wow - what a very impressive event. Thanks for making it possible to be a part of the fundraiser.

    Firecracker rode 13 miles!!!??? Wow. What a kid.

  2. Wow! How great! And I am also very impressed with her 13 miles. 13 MILES?!! You go girl! :) I am so very glad it turned out to be such a success. That was quite a total... Glad I could help a little. :)

  3. AWWW! How fun! I think that doing a fundraiser like that is such an amazing feeling! You did a spectacular job!


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