Monday, June 6, 2011

Announcing Summer Writing Camp

I know a lot of you are out of school, but we still have the rest of the week...with our last day of school coming up on Saturday.  Yeah, you read that right...Saturday.  We had an extra snow day to make up and the district voted to have it on Saturday rather than the following Monday.

Anyway, I'm starting to think ahead to our summer and how to put the time to good use, so I thought I'd introduce:

Firecracker has been doing super awesome at reading over this past year, but they haven't done a whole lot of writing with her in kindergarten.  Hubby and I thought encouraging Firecracker to write more would keep her challenged and work some of those higher order thinking skills.  We've thought up some ideas, so that Firecracker hardly notices we're making her think, because it's so much fun, and I wanted to invite you to play along.

This isn't going to be nearly as structured as Reading Month in March was, but I'm going to commit to sharing one fun writing idea for the kindergarten...oh my goodness she's almost in 1st grade crowd each week.  Don't worry though, most of these ideas can be easily adapted to older and younger kids.  It won't necessarily be on a particular day of the week, but I'll be sure to fit one in.

You can look forward to the first Summer Writing Camp post tomorrow...

Who wants to join me?


  1. Hooray for writing! I'm excited for your writing ideas. Sure, I'll do them, too!

  2. Awesome! I need some summer writing ideas for my (about to be) 1st & 3rd grade boys! They love reading, and math is easy to make fun, but it's tricky finding ways to motivate them to write much. Looking forward to it! Thanks!

  3. We'd love to participate. We use writing folders and Bear writes stories daily for us.

  4. Great idea! Writing over the summer is such an important skill to keep up. one of my favorite things to suggest to my students' parents was writing a letter to someone during the summer and trying to get a "pen pal" relationship going. I sent my students cards sometimes in the summer (before or after school was over) to get the idea going!! :) When I was a little girl I sent letters back and forth with my grandmother and they are treasured gifts. I even had them made into a book for my Dad and Uncles after she past away.


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