Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Burp Cloth Cupcakes: Tutorial

A few weeks ago, I went to a friend's baby shower.  Even though I had plenty of warning, the day came, and I hadn't come up with a gift.  You can't exactly make a quick trip to Target for a gift around here, so I whipped up my favorite baby shower gift...super easy burp cloths...with a fun twist.
Don't they look almost good enough to eat?

Seriously, burp cloths are one of my favorite gifts because they're so easy...and I've never been to a baby shower where the new mom received more than one or two other burp cloths.  I always feel like they'll be put to good use...and these burp cloths make the BEST nose wipers when baby is no longer spitting up.

Roll them up and add a few embellishments and they're transformed from boring burp cloths into something really fun.  (Although there are plenty of times when I give them plain, and they're also enjoyed.)

One friend, said she actually thought I'd brought a plate of goodies...obviously she didn't get a close look at them, but the plate and tissue paper makes it more convincing.

I got the idea from this tutorial a while ago.  You can see my first attempt at burp cloth cupcakes here.  I think they turned out even cuter this time.

Here's how you do it.  (I was in a hurry to make the baby gift, so these pics were taken after with an old and well loved burp cloth we had around the house.)

I like the look of a two tone burp cloth.  (You can see how I make  my burp cloths here...which incidentally was my very first ever blog post.  You could also buy pre-made burp cloths to use.)  Fold it almost in half hot dog style so that the main color you want to see is showing, with the accent color just peaking out.

Then fold it in half hot dog style again.

Turn it over and start at one end and roll it up.

So it looks like this.  Then I secured it with small straight pins.  I'm usually not a fan of adding a lot of embellishment, since it can add a lot to the cost of a project, but I still had a lot of trim left from this purchase.  I just attached those with straight pins too.

Or if you're looking for another fun burp cloth idea, you might like some of these Big Sister Burp Cloths, which are made using plain burp cloths and an ultra fine-tip sharpie...and of course can be adapted for anyone.


  1. I clicked on the first cupcake burp cloth post, I think we got those! They were super handy!

  2. Great gift idea- and they look sooo cute wrapped up! Found your post on Show and Tell Saturday.

  3. You're 100% correct about the mom not getting 1,000 burp clothes. Receiving blankets? Yes, burp cloths 0. And receiving blankets are useless. Stopping by from Show & Tell Saturday.

  4. Such a great gift idea! I'd love for you to link it up to PitterAndGlink's Pinkerific Party for Breast Cancer Awareness! It's going on all week, and there's a free printable and a giveaway. Have a great weekend!

  5. I forgot to include the ink. :/ Here it is:

  6. SO cute! Love it :)

    I will like you to share you project at JAQS Studio "Made by ME!" link party (


  7. WOW! These are awesome. I found you via One Pretty Thing & after reading this post (and all the linked ones) I am adding you to my Google reader so I can follow all your genius ideas.
    I am due with my third boy in February & am definitely going to use your tutorial to make myself a bunch of new burp cloths :)


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