Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sights Like this Warm my Heart

Sights like this remind me what a blessed life I lead.

Firecracker on her 2 minute walk home from school...

...She'd just borrowed the next Magic Tree House Book from her 1st grade teacher.

So glad she's doing well and enjoys reading.


  1. Warms the hearts of teachers around the world!

  2. That is too sweet! What an awesome girl! That's how I am with books. I read while crocheting, feeding the baby, and cooking! Hahahaha! It's a lot easier if there's a book on tape for it, but I'm addicted to finishing a good book.

  3. So wonderful that she loves books so much. I used to be like that when I was little. Always had a book in hand, no matter where we went. It's a little harder now that I've got kids running around, but of my paper friends is usually near by.

  4. Man, she is so big. Also, what a reading hero.

  5. She reminds me of me in 1st grade, except she has so many more friends. Yay for reading! Yay for Firecracker!

  6. I love that she whipped out the book for her walk home. Has She read Charlotte's web? that was a favorite of mine when I was just a bit older then her.


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