Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Cute Newest "Reader"

Posts from me for the next few weeks will probably be few and far between.  Occasionally I score SAT essays from home over the computer and one of those assignments is starting.  It's a real blessing to be able participate in these scoring projects that pay well from home...but it means pretty much all of my kids' free time on the computer is devoted to scoring essays without much left over for more fun things like blogging.

But I did want to share this cute little video of Sweet Pea.  She's decided she wants to read like the bigger people in our house...but she only knows about half her alphabet.  Her books of choice are Biscuit books.  They're about as easy as "real books" come and are very repetitive.  She's got the memorized now and just "reads" the pictures to know what to say.

What really cracks me up is she skips all the repetitive stuff (like the "woof, woof" that's on just about every page) and just "reads" the parts where things actually happen.

I just love hearing her little voice "reading."

We picked up 6 or 7 Biscuit books a while ago with Little Brother in mind.  If you've got a child just beginning to read, they are ultra-easy readers, and are just the right level.


  1. Too cute! A loves to read to herself as well, but she has no problem going off plot!

  2. That's so sweet it breaks my heart. What a doll! I can't believe how big she is!

  3. So fun to have a big sister and big brother to show how it's done! Hooray for Sweet Pea! Hooray for reading!

  4. So cute! My son loves to fill in every other word (or so) of his favorite books and we just think it's the most adorable thing ever. :) Yay for early "reading"!

  5. We also like to biscuit books. they really helped Aroroa start following along with the words, we would have here read all the woofs, or quacks. IT made her very excited to read.
    Becca has a very cute little voice.

  6. She's just so cute! Did Firecracker take the video? I thought I heard her in the background. Sweet Pea sure is growing up :)


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