Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Harvest Time and 3 Favorite Apple Crafts

We're well into harvest season here in farm country.  Even though we're not a farming family, I love seeing the progress as all the fields around here get harvested.  We have a friend who lives next to an apple orchard, so we're lucky enough to get to go pick as many apple as we want after the harvesters have gone through.

A friend and I took the kids out last week to pick some. 

They had a blast!  (Notice her pockets are full of those crab apples...I think the crab apple trees scattered throughout help with pollination.  I really should ask sometime.)

Now that I'm finished scoring SATs, I need to get serious about drying, freezing, and canning apples in their various forms.

Then we'll probably go back for a second round of apple picking.

Between finalizing details on the building of our house (just signed paper work last night!), scoring SAT (done!), and coaching soccer (done!), I haven't had the energy to do as many apple crafts and collect as many apple books this year...maybe we still will...

I thought I'd share some of our favorite apple crafts and activities from last year, and hopefully I'll have some new ones to share soon.

Apple Stamped Flour Sack Towels

Easy Apple Pie Toppers

And Apple Fractions Book and Activity

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  1. Lucky! Picking apples is one of my favorite things about autumn. I don't enjoy preserving them nearly as much :)

  2. Darling photos of your apple pickers. And hooray for signing the papers on your house!

  3. We went apple picking last weekend and I'm up to my ears. I had apple pancakes for dinner and then apple crisp for dessert (yes, when pancakes are DINNER, you still get to eat dessert). Apple sauce is on the to-do list, as is my mom's homemade apple pie!


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