Thursday, November 10, 2011

Little Surprises

I love it when goodies show up in my mail box.  This arrived about a week ago, and I just had to show it off.

A cute pair of hot pads from Sarah at Mimi and The Boy.   I won them in a giveaway. :)

You can see Sarah's tutorial for them here.

Sarah's a friend and family...the mom of Little Brother's other brother and sister.

You should check out her's got a mix of crafts, tutorials, fashion, photography, and random snapshots of life with kids.

Sarah also has a fun Shop called Mimi and the Boy on Etsy.

I love her cute reversible fun and girly.

Full Reversible Apron - Brown and Blue Dots and Poppies

This one's not reversible, but I love the fit and style.

Sarah also has some darling bags and flannel wipes...and shop empties quickly because everything is so inexpensive...seriously.

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  1. OK, I have got to sit down and make some hot pads for my kitchen. Mine are old and ratty.

    Ditto on what you said about Sarah's blog. I started reading because she's family, but I would keep reading even without that connection. Her blog is a good read.


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