Saturday, November 19, 2011

Super Easy Matching Pajamas (for Christmas or Anytime)

I like to give the kids a new pair of pajamas the night before Christmas.  That way they have something new and special to wear for the opening gifts the next morning.  My kids are still young enough that they think it's fun to match too.

There are three easy steps to matching pajamas.
  1. Make a pair of flannel pajama pants.  I use the same method as my 25-Minute Upcycled Pants-Capris-Shorts Tutorial, except you'll have to do the hem on the bottom yourself.  There are also about a million other tutorials for making pajama pants on the web.
  2. Find a matching shirt in your kids wardrobe, at the thrift store, or from the craft store.  (You can even use one with a small logo and then cover it up.
  3. Add an applique.  Use this tutorial for satin stitch applique for woven fabric.  Use this tutorial for straight stitching applique for knit fabrics.
Total, these probably took about 30-40 minutes for each pair of pajamas.  Awesome.

Pajama pants are just about the easiest clothing item you can possibly make.  All it takes is some flannel and a pair of your child's pants to use as a pattern.  Shirt are a bit harder to make, so I prefer to use plain shirts (either mismatches from my kids' wardrobe, from the thrift store, or from the craft store) and then put a coordinating applique to make them match.  I had both of these shirts on hand, so I didn't worry about them not being exactly the same color.

I bought this fun flannel print over a year ago.  I used some of it to make these burp cloths, but figured I'm make some pajamas for the girls too. cute pics of the girls wearing them yet, since they don't know about them.

I use a satin stitch around the applique if it's a woven fabric, like the flannel here...and a straight stitch around the applique if it's a knit, like the striped fabric (which you might recognize from the leggings here.)

I wanted the girls to match without being exactly the same, so I switched up the hearts a little.  (That cute stuffed cat was a handmade gift from my mom.  You can see her post about it here.)

Now I just need to make some flannel pajamas for Little Brother...and maybe some matching one for our baby-to-be.

If you're thinking about making some, flannel usually goes on sale super cheap at Jo-Anns on Black Friday...(although I can't say for sure about this year.)

For some other ideas of fun pajamas to whip up for Christmas, you might like the Fireman pajamas we made last year for Little Brother and Sweet Pea.

And of course you could always make some foot pajamas a little more fun by turning them into Doggie Pajamas.

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  1. We do new Christmas PJs too! such fun! These are super sweet too! :)

  2. How fun!! I would love it if you would share this at Thank you!

  3. How cute! They're adorable.

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  5. I always make my son's flannel pajamas for winter, but making the shirts is so much more difficult and time consuming than the pants! I love this idea (although I'd have to come up with something more boyish to get away with the applique, hee hee). I can never find reasonably priced long-sleeved t-shirts that would make comfy pjs though. My son has those VERY SAME fireman pajama bottoms (made earlier this fall). :) Love the fire shield you put on the shirt!

  6. Love this. As the sewing contributor for Making the World Cuter, I'm featuring this in a Valentine's Day Roundup posting soon. :) Hopefully it will bring lots of traffic your way.


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