Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Many Faces of Firecracker

What do you get when you try to take a picture of one little hair clippy?


I've mentioned many times that our older two kids are adopted.  It's easy for us to know where some of their looks came from...
For instance, Firecracker's smile here looks just like her birth mom's.

The shape of her face and near-sighted vision came from her birthfather.

Some traits we know she got from all of her brains. ;)

Behavior is a little harder to determine though...We never know which of their traits are inherited from their birth families and which are learned from us.  In the end, it really doesn't matter, and it's likely a combination of the amazing genes they got and the awesome parenting they're getting.

But Firecracker's birth mom was famous for wacky photos...especially while she was in college, her Facebook albums were full of funny faces with her roommates...,I'm blaming this on you. ;)
(The tutorial for the melted crayon LOVE tiles in the background can be found here.)

All these pictures to try to get a peak at one of the hair clippies Alanna sent Firecracker for Christmas.  I'll have to get more details from her on how she made them because they're really cute and maybe even more importantly, stay in her hair REALLY well.

Thanks, Alanna!


And as wonderful as those hair clippies are...we THANK YOU even more for bringing this beautiful, wacky, and amazing girl to our family!  We just finished (last night, as I'm writing this) having her girly outerspace-solar system-stars themed birthday party.  It's been a crazy day...but the girls had a lot of fun...and I'm I'll leave the mess for tomorrow and there will be plenty of pictures to follow later (like I'll probably be cleaning it up as you're reading this post.)

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  1. Love to Alanna and Happy 7th Birthday to miss funny-face Firecracker!!

  2. Thanks Polly, I love you too! It will be fun to see pictures from her birthday party. And we can talk about hair clips sometime. They're really easy and I just used a few different ideas I had seen around online :)


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