Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hawaiian Stripes Baby Quilt

Last week I shared the baby gift that Firecracker made for her birth mom.  Here was my contribution to the package...

...a smaller version of the Hawaiian Stripes quilt I made for Firecracker for Christmas.  I had just enough strips leftover, so this quilt went REALLY fast since all the cutting was done.

I thought it would be fun for Firecracker's half-sister to have a matching quilt.  The finished size is 45x60 inches, so it's more of a toddler sized quilt that the baby can grow into.

This quilt really deserved to be photographed on a warm beach somewhere with a palm tree or tropical flowers nearby...instead it had to be photographed on our cold least this was before the snow arrived...

If you're curious about details for how to put an easy quilt like this together, you can see the tutorial for Firecracker's larger quilt here.

You might also be interested in some of our favorite Hawaiian themed children's books here.

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  1. That is so cute, I love the vivid colors! I found you via the Made by you Monday Link Party.

  2. Love the colors in this quilt! Now I want to go back to the islands and see the lovely flowers in bloom.

    Visiting from Fabric Tuesday.



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