Friday, February 24, 2012


We've been busy getting ready for baby #4 around here.  Even the kids are getting involved.  Sweet Pea completely came up on her own with the idea to sew a "gingerbread pillow" for her soon-to-be little brother.  (Grandma made the kids' gingerbread pillowcases a year ago for Christmas and Sweet Pea sleeps with hers year round.)  She's been talking for days about how this project will just be her and me...not the others and it's for the new baby.  We finally made it happen today.  She is SO proud of it and keeps asking when the baby will be born so she can give it to him.

After discovering the left over flannel in my sewing cupboard, Little Brother wanted to sew the baby a pair of puppy pajamas to match the ones he got for Christmas.

I did very little sewing or "getting ready" ahead of time for my other kids.  I never made any of them baby blankets...they got those from other people who loved them, and got them from me fact Little Brother and Sweet Pea just got their first mom-made blankets for Christmas.  I almost didn't make a baby blanket for this baby on principle, since I didn't do it for the others...but then I had a fun idea, and if there's one thing I've learned from experience, it's that the only way to know something will get done is to do it.

What's made the difference this time?  Less stress and more creative vibes, maybe.  And also knowing from experience that I won't get much creative stuff done in the next several months, so I'm trying to get as many projects done now as I can.

Anyway, in the last couple weeks, I've sewed a baby quilt...

...a large receiving blanket, 12 burp cloths (including another kind now shown)...

...decorated half a dozen super nerdy baby onesies...

...and sewed several pairs of newborn pants to match the super nerdy onesies.  Not that our baby needed any more clothes...but I just couldn't help myself when inspiration struck.  Needless to say...this will likely be our nerdiest baby yet poor thing.

I'm excited to show you all of them, but in my haste to get them sewn, I haven't really stopped to take flattering pictures of them yet.  Not to mention the most flattering photos will come when our wee baby boy is wearing them, wrapped in them, or spitting up on you just might have to wait until after he comes for the full details.  But I'm so excited to show them off, I want to get a sneak peak in.  I'm hoping I'll be able to fit in a baby-stuff photo session tomorrow morning when the light is good.  For tonight, the kids are in bed, Hubby went back to school to finish some things in his classroom, and I'm putting my swollen feet and catching up on blog posts.

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  1. The sibling gifts are SO sweet. And you will sure enjoy having some of your own wonderful burp cloths for this little guy...not to mention the darling clothes and awesome quilt & receiving blanket. Hope your feet feel better soon! (Don't forget that yoga pose with your feet up the wall...)

  2. That's really cute that S and B wanted to make gifts for the baby. :) Hopefully he'll be here soon! :)

  3. How sweet that they wanted to make things for the baby! I love the receiving blanket fabric, and I am so excited to see the full baby pi shirt :)

  4. I love how kids show their enthusiasm for big events. So sweet!

    When I was pregnant, I was a crafting machine because I knew I would be so busy once the baby came. There are just so many fun crafts for babies!

  5. Oh bless do you have the energy?
    I hope you have an easy delivery and be home soon
    with your newest bundle of joy.

    Happy sewing

  6. WOW!!! You have been busy! I just know that I am going to have to stay tuned to get the low down on each project (esp the baby onesies and receiving blanket!!!) So many good things. :) I just hope it's before my 3rd little one arrives. :)

  7. Your kids are super cute to get that involved!! Love it!! And tha Giraffe,ABC blanket it adorable!! I am your newest follower!!!

  8. Wow! You're getting lots of stuff done! I'm very impressed. I love the quilt you made.

  9. sweet! I love everything but my favorite has to be the "nerdy" onesies.

    Congrats on baby #4!

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