Sunday, February 26, 2012

Nurseries and Waiting for Baby

We're about to welcome baby #4 into our family sometime in the next two weeks.  We've been getting a few things ready...but a nursery is not yet one of them.  In fact, with all four kids, I have yet to decorate a baby nursery.

We struggled for years with infertility.  Our oldest two kids are adopted.  We only had a few weeks notice that Firecracker would be coming to our family, and I spent that time sewing quilts for her birth parents.  Had I realized it would be our only chance for quite a few years to get a nursery all dolled up, I might have planned ahead more and done it before we knew she was on her way.  (But to be completely honest...I also didn't have the courage to get a nursery ready when I didn't know how long we would wait for a baby.)  We had more notice about adopting Little Brother...but when we brought him home, his nursery was a mini-pack-and-play in our bedroom until he moved into a crib in the tiny bedroom he shared with Firecracker.  We were finally able to get pregnant and Sweet Pea came home to that same mini-pack-and-play in our same tiny apartment.  Sweet Pea got her "own room" when we moved that mini pack-and-play into our tiny master-half-bath when we first moved to Washington, and she finally got to sleep in her crib when we moved to our somewhat larger current house.  Baby #4 will be coming home to...that same little pack-and-play for a month or so until he can move into his crib here.

Seriously, I'm excited about this little crib closet-nursery that's waiting for our baby as soon as the house is finished.  We had it added to the house design.  It takes a corner out of our room and will have folding closet doors, so baby can be close by while allowing us to use the extra bedroom he would have occupied as a play room.  But with a whole house to decorate from scratch...I doubt too much decorating action will happen for a while.

I did want to show off a couple of friends' nurseries that I love.  These nurseries are already beautifully decorated...they just don't know when their babies will arrive to complete them.

Richard and Emily are dear friends of my sister, Katie.  Emily just posted pictures of the sweet nursery they're getting ready for the baby they're hoping to adopt...but they are still looking and waiting for their baby.
Pictures from Emily and Richard's Adoption Blog
I love all the birds and blues and bassinet...and so many of our favorite books.  They also have an adorable tree wall decal.  It's such a happy and sunny looking room.  I also love what Emily has to say about how they chose the theme and are adding to it.  You can learn more about them on their adoption blog here.

Whitney and Spencer are also dear friends of my sister, Katie.  They received word back in December that they would get to adopt a little boy this month, and they got this beautiful room ready for him.  And then it fell through.  (We had an adoption fall through between adopting Firecracker and Little Brother and the only way you can describe it is hard and heartbreaking.)  So this nursery is currently waiting and hoping for another little boy or girl to come and fill it.  I just love the bike and balloons theme and all the cheery colors.
Pictures from Whitney and Spencer's adoption blog and Creating While Waiting

Please pass their names on to anyone you may know who is considering placing a child for adoption.  Besides their adoption blog, Whitney also has an adorable craft blog called Creating While Waiting.  You can also see more details from her cute hot air balloon and bicycle nursery design here.

Maybe you know someone who can help them these amazing couples find the babies who are meant to fill these nurseries.  Our family has been forever blessed by adoption, and we're excited for what Emily and Richard and Whitney and Spencer have ahead of them when they find their babies.

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  1. Polly, thank you so much! That was the kindest blog post, and Spencer and I are just so grateful that you would share our desire to adopt with all of your readers. Truly, your kindness has meant so much! Thank you thank you!

  2. I echo the words of Whitney! Thank you Polly! You have helped us so much and we so appreciate all that you do for us! Thank you! We love the little posts you have written about us and we love the adoption CD and we just love the hope you have for us. :)

  3. Hi Polly!
    Congratulations on your new little one! We had a little sunroom/closet off the master bedroom for our babies, and I loved it! I didn't hear every little sound, but they were close by and accessible. There was just enough room for a crib and a changing table. Enjoy your little one!

  4. Very sweet pictures! They are all lovely!


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