Thursday, February 9, 2012

Space Party Snack Ideas

I looked around for some easy ideas for snacks for Firecracker's Outer Space Party and here are a few of the things I came up with.

Now as a disclaimer...I had visions of having all the snacks and everything layed out nicely on plates with cute labels before the girls walked in the door from school...and great pictures of the spread to share with you.  I was on track to have everything ready because most of it was done the night before...and then the doctor had to reschedule my routine prenatal appt for the morning before the party.  That's a guaranteed 2 1/2 hours out of my day since it takes an hour each way including dropping the kids off with a sitter.  Then the appt. itself ended up taking all day at home to get ready turned into less than an hour.  But you know what...the girls had fun and loved the party, so whatever...that's just how life is some days.

Starry Cheese with Moon Crackers
These were really simple and the girls LOVED them and ate them as fast as I could get them put out on the table.

All you do is buy sliced cheese (or slice it yourself) and cut the stars out with a cookie cutter.  Of course, I didn't want the scraps, so after the stars were gone, I brought out the scraps.  The girls were even MORE impressed with the slices with star-shaped holes than they were with the stars themselves.

Constellations Cupcakes
These were really easy to put together, and an idea I came up with myself.  Just swirl the background frosting and add the stars.  For more information about how I made these and references for the constellations, you can see my post here.

Astronaut Juice
No awesome picture of these...but it was just Capri-suns, and we told the girls about how astronauts have to drink in space.

These were inspired by some Rice Crispie treats Firecracker made the week before that she'd added a little blue food coloring too...they looked a little gross and rock-like which gave me the idea for these.  I made these by making regular Rice Krispie treats and adding a little black food coloring to them.  Then instead of pressing them into a pan and cutting them apart, I put globs into a greased muffin tin to cool.  If I'd had more time, I probably would have smoothed them into balls a bit more, but I was going for fast...and the girls ate them fast...not a single one was left.

Star Cut-Out Cupcakes
I used the same frosting as the Constellation Cupcakes, but we actually didn't serve these at Firecracker's party.  I made them to take to Firecracker's class at school.  They're not quite as spacey as the constellation cupcakes, but they're easier to transport and less messy for kids to eat....perfect for taking to school.
You could make cupcakes like this for any theme you have a cookie cutter for.  You can see my tutorial here for how to make them.

I'm sure there are a lot of other ideas out there...what would you serve at an Outer-Space Party?

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For some additional easy ideas, you might want to check out this post by Katie at GoodLife Eats, Etc.

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  1. What fun/yummy snack ideas! Of course the girls loved them.

    Other ideas? Maybe "rockets" made with celery/peanut butter and bits of vegies or fruits to attach to the sides (or just lie there next to the celery on the plate) - the kids could assemble them and be creative.

  2. These are cute ideas! I'd love for you to share them at Mix it up Monday:

    I hope to see you soon :)

  3. Wow! These all looks so delicious and cute. A sure hit!

  4. These are such cute ideas! It all looks great! Looks like the girls had a blast too!

  5. What a fun party!!! Would love for you to stop by and link up to the Tuesday To Do Party (if you haven't already.) Also, the Pretty Packages Party is going on & I would love for you to share any creative gifts, packages or party favor ideas!


  6. What a wonderful party! I love the cupcakes! What great ideas for space parties.

  7. Really cute ideas. I've never seen cupcakes cut out like that, and I do cupcakes often. I'm going to use that idea.

  8. Polly, I love that I found this link through Pinterest! Perfect for tomorrow's Space PreSchool! Thanks:)


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