Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Everyday Art: Favorite Blogs Tour

I'm so happy to welcome Emily and Jaime from Everyday Art here today as part of our Favorite Blogs Tour.  They have such a variety of fun ideas...everything from art, to kids activities, to delicious recipes.

Hi Everyone! We're happy to be here today, sharing our blog with all of you. We're Emily and Jaime from Everyday Art.

We're two sister-in-laws (Jaime married Emily's handsome older brother) who believe that everyday can be filled with creative outlets, and we love to explore them. Here we are with some of our kids.

It's so fun to have a sister-in-law that you want to find excuses to talk to each other--it's great! We started a blog a littlet over a year ago because we used to live next to each other (literally a few doors down) and now that we are states away from one another we needed a way to bounce ideas of one another, show each other our projects, share recipes, etc.

We've tried REALLY hard to narrow down our favorites for you all here, and let me tell you, it was difficult! We have 5 basic areas where we create our "art" (playing chef, artistic home decor, throwing memorable parties, hand crafts, and fun with the kids) so we wanted to share our favorite in each category.

Creating Beautiful, Tasty food:

Light and fluffy and unique and dazzling and fun. There aren't enough adjectives to describe this one. We LOVE to cook and bake and try several new recipes a week, so new foods are always up-and-coming on our blog. 

Creating Artistic Home Decor:

We both made a pair of apple blossom canvases, which turned out beautiful and unique to each of our styles. (Here's Jaime's). And we've shared the tutorial with you! Other of our favorites include the tree mural and turtle/frog canvases we did for our kids' rooms.

Creating Hand Crafts:
These flowers turned out great and were fun to make. Emily made an adorable yarn wreath with them, but they've been picked up by several hair-bow blogs--how cute would that be? We also knit and crochet and have made all sorts of beanies, Christmas stockings (haven't posted those yet, but they turned out adorable), animals, even dresses.

Creating Fantastic Parties:
Such a cute party theme for such a cute girl! We love parties--we've thrown all sorts of fun ones--a pink puppy party, a garden lady bug party, a vintage Strawberry Shortcake party, a superhero party....

Creating Memories with our Kids:

We had lots of fun this year--making forts, painting, and just plain having fun, but this idea was particularly new and unique.

We love creating lives that we want to live in and invite you to follow along and see if you don't find some new recipes or projects you'd like to try. :)

Lots of love from your crew at Everyday Art,

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  1. Ooh, how fun! This blog tour is going to be adding a lot of new blogs to my reader, I can tell!


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