Friday, March 30, 2012

Older and Wisor: Favorite Blogs Tour

I'm excited to have Rebecca from Older and Wisor here today  on our Favorite Blogs Tour.   I discovered Rebecca's blog around just before the Christmas holidays when her 31 Ways to Wrap Your Crap (which she's linked to below) series opened up a whole new world to me of using scraps and and a glue gun to wrap things.  All of my own scrappy wrapping posts have been inspired by her genius.  I started following her blog because she just has so much personality and her posts are always a fun read.  I hope you enjoy...

When I agreed to jack Polly's blog for the day while she takes a well deserved baby rest (live it up, girlfriend!), I had no idea how hard it would be to introduce my blog. I don't know that it falls under any particular's kinda like an internet extension of stuff that's in my brain. Minus the random song lyrics. I talk about whatever has my attention at the moment, but somehow it usually involves DIY projects and making stuff.
By "making stuff" I didn't mean babies, but I've done that a few times too.
My favorite posts have been more about what they represent, rather than how popular they were. I was given directions to pick five that make me happy so here we go:

#5: Because my oldest son has autism, our house is full of all kinds of ongoing...."issues"....and how to address them. Suffice it to say, this makes for fascinating dinner conversation.
Special Ed Classrooms: The Happiest Place On Earth

#4: Our monthly budget usually doesn't have wiggle room for big home renovations, so we've gotta make do with what we've got. Almost everything in our house is either off Craigslist, off the curb, or has been slapped with a coat of paint.

#3: I have not and never will believe that I am a perfect mother, and the universe wants to make sure I have constant reminders of this truth.

#2: Sometimes things that are hard end up being much more fun than you anticipated.
{this is a perfect set-up for a slightly suggestive remark, but since isn't my blog? I'm leaving it alone}
{and giggling to myself} In October I shared ideas EVERY SINGLE DAY on the art of gifting, and now there's an index of all the cheap and easy ideas in one spot for your package pimping pleasure.

#1: Why not bring two things you're passionate about together into one project? For April Fools Day that involves my love of chocolate combined with my ongoing commitment to embarrass my children.
Thanks for having me over to play, Polly. Now go take a nap.

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  1. No really - stop checking email and take a nap.


  2. Hahahahaha - what a great reminder to stop taking myself too seriously! And btw, Polly DID get a nap today. Hooray for naps!

  3. Forget wrapping your crap, I need some social story intervention in my life that might keep ME from flinging poo so often around here (and number on the worksheet would be helpful for some special men in my life).

    The built in remodel is fantastic. The ensemble of all those items presents so beautifully without looking the least bit cluttered.

    I am a tad disappointed though that the illustration of you on the toilet from a couple of years ago didn't make the list. That is my blue ribbon post.

  4. I love the built -ins. I have to do something with my basement and when I look at those built-ins, I know what I want to do. I love the monkey poo - and the sign! I may steal that for a treat in my special ed - general learning disabilities, and all boys - classroom. They will get a kick out it!

  5. Hheheheehe... The poopoo is going on my to do list next year! I might even pretend
    Ike it is April fools day just to gross out my kids!!!


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