Monday, June 11, 2012

Let the Summer Begin

Let the fun begin!!  School is out for the summer, which not only means that we have Katie home to have fun with us, but Dad gets to be home too since he's a teacher.  (Although Dad went voluntarily to a training meeting it's just me and the kids hanging together today.)  I completely forgot to take "Last Day of School" pictures likes last year.  Oh, well.

We kicked things off by joining in the 2nd Annual Histio Heroes Bike/Walk-a-thon on Saturday.    Some of you may remember the quilt I helped Katie's kindergarten class make for last year's event.  Last year, we were raising money to fund research for histiocytosis because our friend/neighbor's son had beat it twice, but more research was needed.  This year it's back...again.  Jackson, my friend's son (and now one of our closest our neighbor since we moved) is going through his third round of chemotherapy for histiocytosis.

The kids had a blast riding their bikes.  Seth amazed us by riding and impressive 12 miles on his little bike.  Katie rode 11 miles.  Becca road about half a mile on her tricycle and then rode in Dad's bike trailer.

Anson hung out with me at the Raffle booth most of the time.
All four kids were troopers.  Everything about the event was awesome...except that it was really cold and windy, but even Anson was happy (although bundled up and asleep most of the time) and got his own shirt to show support.
I made this quilt for the raffle.  I dropped some hints about it earlier.  I'll share more details about it soon here, but I love how it turned out.  It's folded over for this picture.  (It's my neighbor's porch cute?!?).  It's big enough for a twin sized bed.
I think the quilting bug is biting me again.  Learning about basting spray has seriously made me fall in love with quilting all over again.

I'm hoping I'll be able to check in a little more often to share the projects I've got piling up.  The main crafty/home project this summer is putting a yard in (right now we've got over 1/3 an acre of dirt to tame.)  I'm also hoping to do some sewing projects with the kids, some kids cooking fun, and some reading/writing projects in with the kiddos.  We'll see how it goes.

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  1. The quilt turned out great and I love Katie's bike :)

  2. 11 and 12 miles!!??!! Wow, that is VERY impressive. And so is the beautiful quilt. Hooray for summer time with the family!

  3. Great pictures! You know I often think we are lucky to have diabetes as our trial. There are lots of things (like what this sweet family is having to deal with... so sad) that could be much worse.


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