Monday, September 17, 2012

50% off at Lily and Oak

I was hoping to have a post ready to show off Anson's Puzzle Quilt and share the pattern for it...but it's not ready yet.


I did think you might like to know about the clearance going on over at Lily and Oak.  My dear friend Lisa has been making her own scent melts for the last could year, and has decided to embark on a new adventure.  She's closing down Lily and Oak down completely.  All of her scent melts are almost 50% and her scent melt warmers are 30-50% or more.  Since she already had great prices, this is a huge bargain.  If there's someone on your Christmas list who loves candles and scent melts, now is your chance to stock up.

I haven't tried all of Lisa's scents, but I've loved every scent that I've tried.  There are lots of florals, fruity scents if you want to keep spring and summer vibes in your home as we start slipping into autumn.

Or if you're ready to embrace falling temperatures and some yummy baking, she's got lots of those scents as well.

A little Pumpkin Souffle anyone?

And since we live in apple country, all the orchards are full of apples.   How about some  Homemade Apple Pie?

Lisa's even got a great piney Christmas Past scent that I love if seeing Halloween stuff in the stores makes you want to start putting up Christmas decorations...or if you like a little Christmas scent in the house if you're like us and use a fake tree.

Her scent melt warmers are on sale as well.  (This is the one I bought from her.  Her current models are slightly different.)

And if you're curious about Lisa's new adventure, she's becoming an Independent Usborne Book Consultant.  Anyone can host an eShow to earn free books...and since she's just starting out, the free books are doubled until the middle of November.

Just browsing through the books offered, she's got some of my daughter's very favorite drawing books.  (I Can Draw Animals and I Can Draw People are great for a beginning artist.) We always try to give the kids a special book for Christmas each year, so I know where I'm going to be looking.  Katie already has would love Write Your Own Storybook.

I'm sure Seth would love 100 Paper Airplanes to Fold and Fly.

And Becca's absolute favorite coloring book from Grandma?  Turns out it's an Usborne book and there are a lot more in the series.

And this seems like the perfect book to show up under the Christmas tree..

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