Tuesday, November 6, 2012

DIY "Y" Gear - Freezer Paper Stencil and Applique

I was so busy with Halloween and some quilt projects last week that I didn't get around to posting many projects, so here's a fun and fast one we did.

Two weeks ago was Anti-Drug week at the kids school.  One of the days was "Team up against drugs" and the kids were supposed to wear clothes showing off their favorite team.  My husband follows a few sports teams via the internet, but he's not a fanatic.  And since we don't follow sports that much, we haven't invested in any "team" gear for the kiddos.

I found a BYU t-shirt for Katie in my T-shirt stash, but we didn't have anything for Seth, so...
we pulled out some freezer paper and found the Y logo online.  I'd just bought a couple of plain, longsleeved shirts for Seth at Goodwill all ready for decorating.

We did the freezer paper Y onto a scrap piece of T-shirt from another project.  Then I added some Heat'n Bond to the back of it, ironed it onto the shirt, and then stitched around the edge.  I think the whole thing took about 15 minutes.

Because we were in a hurry to get Seth to bed, I didn't take process pictures, but you can see my tutorial for freezer paper stenciling here.  You can click here for my tutorial on using T-shirt scraps for applique.

And when Becca saw me helping Seth make his shirt, she wanted to "paint a shirt" too.  Since the shirt I had in my stash for her was already white, we skipped the applique and just did the freezer paper on the shirt.

And as long as (my mom always said those were dangerous words) I was making shirts for those two, I figured we couldn't leave Anson out.  I used the leftover freezer paper from Seth's to do Anson's, which is why he got a blue Y instead of the blue circle.
And gosh, it's hard to get a picture of the shirt when he's trying to crawl to the camera.

And on a funny side note, after coming home from school I asked Seth what's he'd learned.  His answer was, "Drugs, Mom!"  Yeah...nice.  I'm glad you're learning at school.  (Seriously though, our school is awesome.)

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  1. Love your shirts! We're Y fans at our house too. What a great idea to use freezer paper. I'll be pinning this!

  2. Thanks for this!! We are big BYU fans! I am going to pin this right now. :) ... And if you want to see our office I just made-over in a BYU theme. http://maryorganizes.com/2012/10/home-office-organization-the-reveal/

  3. I guess I could make that with a U on it! Thanks for the idea. Very cute. Stopping by from The Train to crazy.


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