Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Snow Fun - With and Without the Real Thing

Once there was a snowman (sing with me)...

Once there was a snowman...

Yesterday we got our first real snow of the season...and it was perfect snowman snow, nice and wet.  We had the day of school anyway, of course, for Veteran's Day.  Eric spent most of the morning outside playing with the kids in the snow.  They all had a blast.

Seth especially loved the snowball fights.  Eric said anytime Seth started getting fussy, all it took was throwing one snowball to distract him into having fun again.

Meanwhile, while they were outside, I had it quiet in the house to score SAT essays...yeah, not particularly fun, but it pays well.

So if you're enjoying your first snow of the season this week have fun!  And if you don't have snow yet, there are still a few ways you can have fun with fake snow.

Like make a snowball fight in a bag out of some old socks...

...or make some Best Ever Snowflakes.

It's probably time to replace the fall leaves in our window with some snowflakes...but I don't think I can bring myself to do it quite yet.

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  1. Fun! Love the photo of Becca "walking the plank." Hard to tell who's having the most fun - Dad or the kids! That was perfect to have a snow day on a holiday. And congrats on your beautiful fence!

  2. I am so jealous. Snow comes to Texas once every couple of years and everyone tries to make snowmen. They will use an entire yard full of snow and get something about 9 inches high. It is hilarious.

  3. The snow looks like so much fun! We had snow last week, too, and all the kids in the neighborhood wee making snowmen. That is one huge snowman!

  4. Very, um, cool! It looks like Eric had just as much fun as the kids did. Great job!

  5. I should try this with the kids here in South Florida as they have never seen snow! I think they would have fun with it. Thanks

    Michele @ Better Organized Living

  6. love the snowmen they are all adorable

  7. I've seen these with nylons, but why didn't I ever think of socks! Great job! Love the snow pics. http://www.craftinterrupted.com

  8. Such a fun idea, especially here where it doesn't snow!

  9. So fun!!! I love sweet family moments! Thanks so much for sharing!
    Happy week !
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  10. Definetly on my winter to/do list. Still waiting for the snow in this part of the world, so we'll have to manage without it - thanks for the great idea!

  11. What a fun idea! :) Thanks for sharing!


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