Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Pi-Day 2013!

I'd meant to get this post up yesterday, but we were so busy celebrating Pi-Day that I didn't have much time to blog about Pi-Day...which is really as it should be.  We snapped this picture at the end of a long day.  Becca didn't want to be out in the wind and was trying to run back in the house.  Seth was being goofy...but this proves we are nerdy enough that we all were wearing Pi-shirts for the big day.

We made round Pi cookies this year instead of the mini-pudding pies.  The mini-pudding pies are a little more fun...but I didn't feel up to making enough for two classrooms of students.  We celebrated with Katie's second grade class and then went straight down the hall to Seth's kindergarten class for some marathon math parties.

The kids (mine and their classmates) had a lot of fun, and Becca always enjoys getting to go to school for an hour or so whenever I got help in their classrooms.

The second graders played with fractions of pies to make whole pies, measured round objects to calculate pi, and did a clock worksheet that ultimately gave them the decimals of pi when they decoded their answers.

The kindergarteners did pretty much the same activities that Katie's class did two years ago.  I have to say that this years circle pictures turned out extra awesome.  I need to go back to school in the next day or so and take some pictures of the circle pictures out in the hall.

Last minute the night before I saw an idea for a Pi-rate shirt for Katie.  She'd outgrown her previous shirt (which Becca got to wear) and Pi-rate seemed like the perfect choice since Katie still wears and eye patch for a couple hours a day.  I'm hoping to have the pattern for that one posted soon.  I think this may be my favorite Pi-themed shirt yet.

Seth was so excited for Pi-Day that he wore two shirts.  His older Mud Pi shirt underneath his newer Cow Pi shirt.

And Becca was happy to wear Katie's old Cutie Pi shirt and be a big-kid for the day.  The kindergarten version of Pi-Day was much more to her liking than the 2nd grade version.
We wrapped things up by eating some of my Nana's Scotch Meat Pie (recipe here) for dinner and having pumpkin and the Best Coconut Cream Pie Ever for dessert.

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  1. I still wear my pi day shirts from college - the math department always went all out! Thanks for all the great shirt ideas... I made a cutie pi onesie for my little girl, but I'll need to plan ahead to make one in time for pi day next year (she'll almost be a year old by then!)


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