Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Time for Pi - Second Grade Math Worksheet for Pi-Day

I've been getting some activities ready to help celebrate Pi-Day with my kids classes at school.  Since we celebrated it when Katie was in Kindergarten, I've already got materials and ideas for Seth's class (like our Pi Patterns Worksheet here).  Now that Katie is in second grade, though, we need something new.  I talked to Katie's math teacher about the skills they're working on already.  That way we can have fun celebrating Pi-Day and still keep the kids focused on the standards they're working on.  They'll be going to several different stations or "centers" as they call them.  This will be probably be the least "fun," but we needed something for one of the centers the kids can do independently.

They've been working on telling time for quite a while, so this is review.  I came up with a worksheet where after they fill in the times, they copy some of the numbers from their answers down to the bottom of the worksheet and they get the first 14 digits of Pi.

If you'd like to print off a copy of this worksheet, you can download the PDF version of the Time for Pi Worksheet here.

If you're looking for additional inspiration, you can see my full collection of Pi-inspired projects here.

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