Friday, May 31, 2013

Hexies, Helpers, and the Yard

I haven't been posting much lately, mostly because there has been so much going on that I haven't had much time at the computer with my hands free to type.

I've had three quilts that I need to get done by the end of the school year.  One black and gold hexie quilt is finished.
The Dr. Seuss quilt is still waiting to be quilted and bound.

And another black and gold hexie quilt has the top all sewn together, but I need to piece the back and get it quilted and bound.

I've had lots of help with the quilts though.

Anson loves anything with buttons which unfortunately means he wants my sewing machine...especially if he can play with my machine while sitting on my lap.

He also LOVES the basting spray can because of the little button inside that you push to make the spray come out.  No more basting quilts while Anson is awake for me.  (This picture was taken in the ten seconds he was actually happy between being given the can and realizing that he couldn't get the lid off to get to the button.)

We've also been doing The Big Sort for our most recent I-Spy Swap.  Becca has always loved helping me sort the squares.

But she's also been revealing herself as a true fabric addict...she wants all the fabric scraps...especially the ones she calls "open books"  the little folded piece of 4'' strip left from the middle of the fabric when I cut out my swap squares.  She's carried this little stack around with her all church (leaving them in the car), around the house, and puts them under her bed at night when she sleeps.

We've also been working a lot on our yard.  It's too bad we don't have a before picture, because then you could really see the improvement.  The yard still has a long way to go, but it's beginning to look presentable.  We've got flowers and shrubs along the front.

We're building a fence of sorts to support grapes.  (Still in progress.)

And we've got garden beds in, but now we've got to get water to the beds and build another fence behind the garden as a windblock.

 And in kindergarten programs and baseball two nights a week progress on everything has been slow.

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  1. I'm always impressed by what you do and who you are.

  2. Wow, you have been very busy! I love that Becca is showing her love for fabric, haha. I can't wait to see the hexagon quilt all quilted.
    Your yard looks pretty big so I bet it is a lot of work to get it all ready for the summer.
    Thanks for doing all the work for the I-spy swaps, too. I just found two fabrics that I bought to use for some of my squares and then couldn't find when it was time to cut, I guess I'll save them until next time. :)

  3. I wondered if you might be willing to put together a post sometime on how you use the quilt basting spray. The directions on the can are minimal and I would love to see what works well. Do you still have to tape the quilt back to the floor to get it nice and flat before you start basting? Where do you do it? I'm assuming you wouldn't do it on carpet, but where do you find another space large enough? I'm curious how you do it and thought I would throw the idea out there. :)

  4. Such precious helpers! I bet Anson is a handful (a very sweet handful!) Maybe Becca's stash could someday become her very own little take-everywhere blankie. I love the Dr Seuss top, cant wait to see it when it's all done up.

  5. You are my hero in all that you can accomplish with those little cuties around. Me? I'd just be snuggling up with them and to heck with the garden or quilts! I have a Becca too, only my Becca is 27. Love the twisted on pants! Reminds me of years gone by.

  6. A fabric addict...hahahaha...I remember when you used to hoard all the fabric scraps, although I think you were a little older than that. :)

  7. Becca looks like a little quilter in the making! So excited to get my squares back from the swap. Your yard in progress is so great; I'd love to do that with our yard...some day! : )


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