Friday, May 17, 2013

I-Spy...A Unicorn (Blogger's Quilt Festival Entry)

If you're a regular of my blog, then you've seen this quilt before, but I've decided to enter it in the Blogger's Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side in the ROYGBIV division and that requires a new post.

Title: I-Spy....A Unicorns
Made by: Me (Polly Carlson)
Size: Approx 42"x56"
Division: ROYGBIV
Techniques: Home Machine Quilting, freezer paper stenciling, fabric printing.  There are 2 or 3 duplicate squares, but otherwise, each print is different.

I made this quilt for my newest niece.  My brother and his wife choose pretty unique names for their kids that have meanings and stories behind them.
This baby will get to hear stories about unicorns as she grows up, so I thought it would be good to incorporate unicorns into the quilt as I could.  (My next job for them is to come up with a stuffed phoenix for their oldest child.)  The only trouble was that this was the only square that had a unicorn on it.

So I started having a little fun and added a few.   I used fabric marker and some paint to turn a few horses into unicorns.

I also used some freezer paper stenciling to add a few unicorns in some other places.

And perhaps my favorite, but least recognizable unicorn is the Monoceros constellation on the back.  (My husband mentioned there was a unicorn constellation after the whole quilt was finished and ready to mail off, so of course I had to add it to the night sky fabric.
The unicorn and moon in the corner were printed onto some white quilting fabric using my ink-jet printer and then appliqued on.

If you're interested in other I-Spy Projects, you can see some here.  If you'd like to join an I-Spy swap, our current swap is full, but you can email me at polly.helping.little.hands (at) gmail (dot) com and I'll add you to my email list to notify you of the next one.  You can leave a comment on this post to join the email list to be notified of our next one or you can send me an email directly.

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  1. Precious. I love all the additions and the constellation is genius.

  2. I still love this quilt. Adding the extra little unicorns with the fabric paint is such a fun, unique idea. I might have to borrow the constellation idea for a future quilt :)

  3. I love all those unicorns! So clever and how fun to search for them! Great quilt, thanks for sharing :)

  4. That's pretty special! I love that you've hidden unicorns all over it.

  5. Lovely quilt, like the way the colours are grouped and appreciate the effort and creativity that went into all those unicorns!

  6. So clever to add all those unicorns in, though I think the hidden unicorn on the back is the best :)

  7. What fun! I love a quilt of simple squares made beautiful by the fabrics and simplicity--not to mention the backstory!

  8. Wonderful!! what fun to search for so many unicorns

  9. I love that you added the unicorn constellation to the back. It just finishes off the quilt, plus adds to the, dare we say, educational aspect of an i-spy quilt! Now she can learn how to "spy" a unicorn in the night sky!!


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