Tuesday, June 11, 2013

90 Seconds to Make a Dream Come True

The Quilt Story is one of my favorite blogs to follow.  Heather and Megan make many beautiful quilts of their own and highlight the quilts of many others.  They're also super nice and have left many sweet  & encouraging comments on my blog.

Today they posted about their Uncle Dean who is living with brain cancer and needs your vote to be able to run in one more Ironman.  I've copied the information an picture below from their blog.  It only takes a minute to watch the video and you don't have to sign up for anything to vote.

Here's what Heather and Megan have to say about him...

This is our Uncle Dean. Our Mom's brother. He was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of brain cancer just last year.  

He has run dozens of marathons in his life, and a handful of Ironmans, but wants to run one more. And Kona Ironman is apparently the best, and has always been his dream! Up til June 15th we can vote for him to run this race. He is in the finals, but we need your help. Go watch this video, shed a tear, and vote for our Uncle. (on all your devices.) 


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  1. Thank you so much for your shares and and votes. We appreciate the support! -Lindsey (deans daughter)

  2. I voted - so inspiring. He's the same age as me. Thank you for posting.


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