Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Helping Little Hands is now Pieces by Polly

I've been feeling like my blog needed a facelift for a while, and I'm excited to say it's finally here.  After nearly four years of blogging under the name Helping Little Hands, I've decided to change my name to Pieces by Polly.  I'm moving toward branding my blog a bit more and opening up my own Etsy shop.

Years ago when I started this little blog, I had no idea I would be blogging for this long.  I had a hard time thinking of a name I was happy with and settled on Helping Little Hands because of all my kids little hands that help with (and sometimes hinder) my projects.  I've thought of changing the name of my blog many times over the years, but never thought of anything that seemed like a better fit.

When I thought of Pieces by Polly the name just felt right.  This is where I share things I make from pieces of fabric.  I share pieces of my life.  Everything I share is a piece of heart, and when I'm lucky and project turns out so well that it also becomes a piece of art.

I hope you'll bear with me as I get all the links and buttons updated on my blog.  All the behind the scenes work means I haven't been posting as much as usual.  Right now the biggest issue is changing the name on my Facebook page...turns out it's not an easy thing to do.  I'm totally crossing my fingers that I don't I've to start over from scratch.  I'll also be switching over to a .com site rather than a .blogspot address...but I can only take so many changes at one time. 

Turns out it may be harder than I thought to change the name on my Facebook Page.  I'm hoping to switch it over, but there's paperwork and such involved....so for the time being I'm starting up a new page for Pieces by Polly.  If all goes well, I'll be able to change the name of the old one and merge the two, but for now please go to the new Pieces by Polly Facebook page and like it.  (Once you've liked it, you can also hover over the like button and click on get notifications to make sure you don't miss anything.)  For the next while, I will be posting to both the Helping Little Hands Facebook Page and Pieces by Polly Facebook page, so if you'd prefer not to get notifications from both, please switch over to the Pieces by Polly page.  THANKS!!

I've got several great giveaways lined up for the next couple weeks, though, so be sure to check back.

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  1. Congratulations on the new name / brand. I like the sound of it!

  2. Way cool. I like both names. The helping little hands just reminds me to let my kids help me with my projects, and to enjoy the time we have. I love the pieces by polly, because it describes life. So many little pieces, so different. But put them together and you have a whole. Can't wait to see all the changes!

  3. Congratulations! I love the new name and the new cover photo. Good luck with the transition.

  4. love the new name! Sounds like the perfect fit to me. :) good luck!

  5. It's a great name! Hope the transition goes smoothly!

  6. Hey Polly. I haven't been to visit your blog in a while and I was shocked to see all the great changes! I love the sleek new look and the new name!


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