Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sneak Peeks and Summer Vacation...

Between Eric and the kids being home for summer vacation...

...going on vacation...
...working in the yard...

  (Note...this was taken about a month ago and already it's grown so much more!)

...and getting the pictures and posts ready for the Hexies by Halves Quilt-Along, I haven't been posting as much as I'd hoped.  I think it's been good for me with the quilt-along to step back and be more thorough and deliberate with the quality of my directions.  (It's not to late to join us!)

...oh yeah...and I've been sewing on some other projects too.  I'll have more pictures and details about these soon(ish).

And as long as this is kinda a random post, I'll brag just a bit.  I love living in a small town.  The kids get a lot of chances to participate in things and shine a bit.  Katie was super excited a few weeks ago, when this picture...
...made it onto the front page of the newspaper.  She's been trying to think up ways to get her picture in the paper for at least a year and a friend saw her picture on Facebook and asked me if they could use it to promote the art contest.

And then Katie won first place in her age division in the art contest.
And Becca won first place in her division...
...even beating out Seth who won third place.

Yeah...we've got some talented artists in our house, and there weren't a lot of entries in Becca's and Seth's division, but even so, I was surprised at how highly they placed.

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  1. Small town life is good. I've lived in one all my life (hey, we just got our third traffic light about ten years ago!)

    Congratulations to all your kiddos! Great artwork!

  2. I love the smiles on those beautiful kids' faces. And yes, they are very talented. What I can't get over though is that tiny little girl sitting at the sewing machine! I have to just keep going back and looking. It is so dog-goned cute!

  3. Your instructions are so nicely done - the design of the lettering, arrows, etc. is inviting and clear (even without my readers)! You nurture creativity in so many ways, and have so many talents, Polly. You're inspiring.


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