Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Boy Reading Freezer Paper Stencil - Free Pattern

Some of you might have thought that all I do lately is quilts and Harry Potter themed stuff, but I've got something a little different for you today...
If you've been a blog reader for a long time (like several years), you may remember the Girl Reading freezer paper shirts I made for the girls a while back.  Those were inside a heart for Valentine's Day.

Several years later, here's a boy version...

We needed a baby gift.  One of my husband's high school students had a baby.  We don't usually give baby gifts to his students, but for reasons I won't go into, we felt like she should for this one.  The young mom loves to read, so we thought a reading themed gift would be perfect and practical.

I revamped my reading girl design to feature a boy instead...and since it's for a boy we opted for a circle instead of a heart.  I've also been leaning toward freezer paper combined with t-shirt applique a lot lately since it makes it easier to use a busier these stripes...and still have the freezer paper design show up.

We tucked it in a little gift bag along with a few favorite board books and dropped it off and met the sweet new baby.
And then a couple days later, I read that one my favorite children's book bloggers (Check them should totally follow their blog) had her own sweet baby boy.  So I figured I'd make another one and post about it at the same time.  That was two months ago, and it finally got finished up and dropped in the mail.  I hear she likes blue.

And if you cut the freezer paper stencil out really carefully, you can use the reverse pieces to get a second image.  So I made one for Anson too.

...cause that boy loves books almost as much as Daddy.  That is he loves books almost as much as he loves Daddy, AND he loves books almost as much as Daddy loves books.

When I did the freezer paper ones I made as gifts, I kept the parts that were black and surrounding the boy.  When I made Anson's, I kept the hair, the face, the book and the outline of the circle.

You can see my full tutorial for doing freezer paper stenciling here.  I also used some basic T-Shirt applique to stitch the circles onto the onesies.  (If you're using T-shirt fabric, the fabric won't that stuff!)
You can take the image above, save it to your computer, and resize it to the size you want.  (As cute as the design is, it will be easier to cut the design out if you do it on a shirt for a larger child.)

So who would you give a shirt like this to?

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  1. Polly, thank you so much! I received the sweet shirt for Little Logan just today... and what a terrific surprise it was. I love it, and yes- anything blue is just perfect for me. He's going to look adorable in his little book lover shirt :) It's just what I needed today having had a few anxiety filled days. (Logan has to have heart surgery, we just scheduled it and I'm doing ok... but feeling very anxious) SO- the timing couldn't have been better. Thank you so much!!!

    1. Robyn - sending love and prayers for your sweet little boy. What a miracle that we have modern medicine to keep our little ones healthy and strong.

  2. oh yes, start 'em young! I have always loved reading, and my boyfriend only associates it with school work. so sad!


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