Thursday, September 26, 2013

DIY National Quidditch League Shirts - Boy and Girl Versions - Freezer Paper Stencil and Applique

We've got one happy quidditch player at our house...

Actually, make that two...

although really I guess they're just quidditch player wannabees since the broomsticks at our house don't seem to fly.

Anyway, when I was searching around online for inspiration for Seth's "I'm a Keeper" Shirt, I happened across this logo that's a spin-off of the NBA and MLB logos.

I could tell immediately that it was the perfect candidate for freezer paper stenciling...simple lines, with just enough detail to be interesting.  I also wanted to have the white stand out from the shirt and thought the best way would be to combine freezer paper stenciling with T-shirt applique.

Quidditch season opens in October, you know.  You need to be ready.

You can see a more full tutorial for freezer paper stenciling here, but basically you trace or print your design onto freezer paper.  Cut it out with a razor blade.  Iron it onto your fabric, and fill in the holes with paint. 

I pulled out an old white T-shirt and ironed on the freezer paper stencil.  You do have to be a bit careful at the foot and hand since there's only a tiny bit of freezer paper separating the two colors.  Most people use fabric paint, but I've generally found good results just using regular craft paint, since that's what I have on hand.  Seth enjoyed helping me fill in the paint.
After the image was dry, I put some Heat'n Bond Lite (affiliate link) on the back, cut it out, and ironed it onto the shirt.  Then I stitched around the edges.  I like the way the stitching looks, but I've heard you can use Heat'n Bond Ultra Hold (affiliate link) if you want to skip the sewing step.
After making the shirt for Seth, I found the perfect red shirt in Katie's size in my stash and figured she'd prefer a girl version.  I played around with the design a bit and was able to add a ponytail.

I asked Seth when he came home if anyone at school knew what his shirt was.  (He's in first grade, so I figure not many classmates have read Harry Potter.)  He said, "Yeah.  My teacher!  He called me Harry Potter all day."
Here's the image you'll need to make your own shirt.  You can download this picture and resize it to fit your shirt.

Are you ready for quidditch season?

I have lots of Harry Potter inspired gifts and fun things in my shop.  The selection is always changing.

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