Monday, November 25, 2013

Harry Potter Christmas Ornaments & Stocking Stuffers

Looking for a fun way to commemorate yours or your child's first (or fifteenth) reading of Harry Potter?  These ornaments will do it.

We like to give our kids an ornament each year that somehow commemorates something important in their year.  This has definitely been a year of Harry Potter at our house, beginning with Katie's birthday party in January and continuing through our Halloween costumes.  I thought it was in order to come up with some Harry Potter Christmas ornaments.

And should you identify more with Slytherin...

It's rather convenient that the colors for the two most popular Hogwarts Houses are Red and Gold (Gryffindor) and  Green and Silver (Slytherin).  They just look so Christmasy... I thought we'd have a little Christmas present to go along with each order.  How does a FREE Hogwarts Acceptance Letter sound...for EVERYONE who places an order in my shop through November 30. 2013.  This is a great deal!  I don't usually sell the Acceptance Letters in my shop, but elsewhere on Etsy they go for $10 or more...that's more than one of my ornaments costs.

But don't think that I forgot the other houses.  Ravenclaw ornaments and keychains come in two and bronze (the colors in the book) or blue and grey (the colors in the movie).

And then there's lovable Hufflepuff.  The often underappreciated house.  I really need to get a Hufflepuff scarf made, so I can take some better photos.

And even though I'm particularly showing off my ornaments, anything Harry Potter related from my shop would make the perfect stocking stuffer for the Harry Potter fan on your list.  My all-time most popular item is the Hedwig Necklace.  I've also got some other fun necklaces and keychains, as well as some bookmarks coming soon!

Remember, if you order by November 30th, 2013, you'll get a FREE Customized Hogwarts Acceptance Letter along with your purchase.  

Be sure to check back on Facebook and on my blog for giveaways coming up in the next week.  Don't let that stop you though...if you purchase one now and win a giveaway later, I'll refund your purchase.
I have lots of Harry Potter inspired gifts and fun things in my shop.  The selection is always changing.

See these links for more details about other Harry Potter themed crafts we've done...and be sure to check back because I'll be adding more as I get them written up.

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Slytherin Quilt - Green and Silver
 Slytherin Quilt

 Giant Monster Book of Monster Cushion (No Sew)

Golden Snitch Birthday Cake
 Slytherin Quilt


Granger-Lovegood 2016 Election Shirts 

Potter - Weasley 2016 Election Shirts 


Lumos and Nox Quilt

Harry Potter Party Overview


 Hedwig Necklace

Accio Book Tote Tutorial - Freezer Paper Stencil 
Harry Potter Shirt - Freezer Paper Stencil

Easy Harry Potter Wands 

Printable Hogwarts Library Book Plates

Printable Harry Potter Valentines

Easy Harry Potter (Hogwarts) House Scarves

Golden Snitch Necklace

Golden Snitch Cupcakes

Ron Weasley "I'm a Keeper" Shirt - Freezer Paper Stencil

Ginny Weasley's Golden Snitch Skirt
DIY Quidditch Association Shirt - Freezer Paper Stencil (Boy Version)
DIY Quidditch Association Shirt - Freezer Paper Stencil (Girl Version)
Harry Potter Wizard Robe in 15 Minutes from a T-shirt

Harry Potter Family Themed Costumes

Harry Potter Inspired Charm Ornaments

Harry Potter Printable Spell Books

Harry Potter Printable Dementor Themed Chocolate Bar Wrappers Books

The Hermione Skirt
Dementor's Kiss-Away Free Printable Party Favor or Valentine

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Harry Potter Potions Ornaments

 Harry Potter Robes with Oly*Fun

 The Wand Skirt

 Always Doe Pillow

Deathly Hallows Pillow
 Deathly Hallows Pillow

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