Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Deathly Hallows Gryffindor Quilt - Harry Potter Inspired

I decided it was high time that I combine two of what have become the recent main themes on my blog and combine quilting and Harry I give you the Harry Potter inspired Gryffindor and Deathly Hallows Quilt.
I wanted something that would be simple to sew together.
Something that would not be cheesy or cartoony.

Something that a Harry Potter fan would love now...
...and will still love later if/when they begin to grow out of their obsession with Harry Potter.  (Does that happen?!?)
I wanted it to be something that one could imagine might REALLY belong in a Gryffindor's bedroom...or belong with them on a trip to the park in the summer.
So the front of this quilt has lots of rich red and gold fabrics...6 different red fabrics, and 3 different gold fabrics.  I tried to choose fabrics with tone-on-tone prints with different textures...stripes, swirls, small star, etc. 

I also tried to vary the saturation of the colors to give the quilt more depth when viewed from a distance.
But the quilt also needed something to really mark it as a Harry Potter Quilt, so I added a large Deathly Hallows symbol on the back.  Bold and tasteful (hopefully!)

I'm hoping this is a quilt anyone could appreciate for it's beauty and Harry Potter fans will especially love...and I'm hoping it's the home of many an hour spent reading.

It's taken me a while to get this quilt posted in part because I've already received several custom orders based off variations of this design.  (You can order your own custom Hogwarts House Quilt here.  Fabrics can represent any of the four houses, and the back can have a Deathly Hallows Symbol, Golden Snitch, Thunderbolt, or be left blank.  (If that listing is sold out, please contact me for a renewed listing or you can enter your info here to be informed when I'm taking orders again.)  You can purchase the PDF Pattern for any of my Harry Potter inspired quilts here.  

One in particular was for a baby boy named Orion.  (How cool is that name!?!)  The customer wanted it personalized with his name, and with a name like Orion, I knew the Lumos font (based off the subtitles on the Harry Potter Books) would be perfect because the lowercase i has a star for it's dot.

I think the quilting turned out better on the quilt the second time around, since I double outlined the Deathly Hallows Symbol.  I love how it shows through the front without being too obvious.  Most of the quilt was quilted in diagonal lines, but those lines stop when they hit the Deathly Hallows Symbol and continue out the other side.

And the name is outlined in the quilting too, so that shows through the front a big.

And last, but not least, I asked the customer if they minded me adding an inconspicuous Orion constellation to the quilt with embroidery thread as a final touch.

If Gryffindor is not your thing, though, you might be more interested in a Hufflepuff Quilt...I'll have more details about that one on the blog soon.

Now I just need someone to order a Ravenclaw or Slytherin quilt to have examples for every house.  Any takers?

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  1. Oh my, what are you doing to me? Each thing you come up with is my new favourite. If I let my daughter see this she will be asking me if her's will be ready for Christmas! Ooohhh, I REALLY want to make one myself, so badly! I love everything about it. I know you are making them to order and as such a beautiful thing it is worth every penny but sadly it is just a little outside my budget.
    Did I mention that I love this?


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