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Ravenclaw Blue and Bronze Quilt - Golden Snitch Quilt - Harry Potter Inspired

You might belong in Ravenclaw if you've a ready mind, where those of wit and learning will always find their kind...and now there's a House Quilt for Ravenclaws too.

You can order a custom-made Ravenclaw Quilt in my shop here, or if you prefer to make your own, you can purchase my Single House Quilt Pattern here  (or here for my 2-Pattern Bundle which includes both the Single House Quilt, and the 4-House Hogwarts Crest design.)

Even though most of our favorite Harry Potter characters are in Gryffindor and we don't get to know many Ravenclaws well beyond Luna and a bit of Cho, I've always had a fondness for Ravenclaw.  I've often figured that my 11-year-old-brainy-and-not-so-brave-self would have been sorted into Ravenclaw had I gotten my acceptance letter to Hogwarts (if of course there had been any Harry Potter world back then.)

I actually made my first Ravenclaw quilt almost two years ago at the request of a customer and have made several more since then...but realized I'd never posted about them on my blog.  I usually use the movie colors (blue and silver) in the quilt blocks for my 4-House Hogwarts Quilts for better color balance, but I've found that anyone who loves Ravenclaw enough to purchase a quilt, usually wants the book colors of blue and bronze.  (And I am a hard-core books-over-the-movies fan when it comes to Harry Potter.)  Accio Books bags

The vast majority of quilts people order from my shop are for the four-house Hogwarts Crest quilts, but I do long making the single house quilts.  There's just something special about getting to make a quilt for someone so immersed in their love for the Harry Potter world that they want to declare their house preference loud and proud with only their house colors.

And Ravenclaw quilts just might be my very favorite ones to make.  I love the way the rich blue and bronze and deep golden fabrics look together.  The photos really can't do justice to the metallic fabrics in the quilts.

It turns out it's pretty hard to find "bronze" fabrics, but I found a great bronze fabric in the Fairy Frost line from Michael Miller fabrics and was able to use some dark gold fabrics to work as "light bronze" since all the quilts need some variety.

You can order your own Ravenclaw Quilt here, or if you prefer to make your own, you can purchase my Single House Quilt Pattern here.

And of course I make them in any house colors...

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