Monday, January 21, 2013

Golden Snitch Cupcakes for Quidditch or Harry Potter Fan

Hopefully a few of my readers are Harry Potter fans because now that Katie's Harry Potter Birthday Party is over, there are going to be quite a few Harry Potter themed posts.  I really should start with a recap of the whole party (You can now see a recap of the whole Harry Potter party here.) ...but I don't feel up to sorting through all the I'm starting with something easy...the Golden Snitch Cupcakes.  They look impressive, but were surprisingly easy to make.

If you do a search on Pinterest for Harry Potter Cupcakes you'll come up with some amazing ideas that take at least 10 different colors of fondant that were way out of my league for trying to replicate.  If you search for Harry Potter Cakes, you'll come up with hundreds of absolutely astounding cakes that I'm sure took a professional baker days to make (you really should check them out...they're amazing) I looked through the ideas until I found some I thought I could manage and settled on some golden snitches.  It's a nice bonus that Katie's favorite thing about the first Harry Potter movie is the quidditch match scene.

Katie also got Quidditch through the Ages as one of several books she got for her birthday, so it went along nicely.

You start by...

...melting some white chocolate according to the directions on the package.  For me that meant microwaving it on the defrost setting for about a minute at a time until it was melted and smooth and stirring after each minute.  Then I put it all into a ziploc bag, snipped the corner off.  To keep the sizes of the wings the same, I drew the outline of the shape I wanted on a piece of paper.  Then I put that under the freezer paper and followed the lines as I piped the white chocolate out.
I'd started out doing the wings separately, but then realized from a physics/center of mass standpoint, it was better to have them balanced, and I included kind of a ball shape to have something bigger to poke down into the cupcake.

The wings are surprisingly strong for being as thin as they look...but you definitely want to make extra sets of wings because you WILL break a few.  Let them cool COMPLETELY.  I put mine in the freezer in a sealed container so they'd be as hard as possible for putting into the cupcakes.

I used regular buttercream frosting for the tops with mostly yellow and a little orange food coloring to get kind of a golden color. 

Pop the wings in...and you'll have a whole flock of snitches in no time.
No pictures of them AT the party because the battery died on the camera...and there's not much time for picture taking with 15 little witches and wizards running around...but I had some fun photographing the last one after the party.

Stay tuned for more Harry Potter fun...

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  1. I remember doing this sort of thing when my kids were growing up! Lots of work - lots of fun - and things they remember 30 years later!

  2. Polly, these are GREAT!! I'm thinking of starting the Harry Potter series with my oldest this summer and this would be such a fun treat while reading them. I can't wait to see the rest of the party - I'm a huge HP fan. :D

  3. So creative! Wonderful! I'd love to have you come share some of your projects at my link party that just went live!
    I'm your newest like on facebook!

  4. Love these! Thanks for sending your Pinterest board link--I've been looking through some fun ideas. Just this afternoon I glued a bunch of yellow feathers to Ferror Rocher balls as snitches (I found versions with white feathers or gold paper:)

  5. These are adorable! One of my friends just had a HP themed bday--she would have loved these!

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  7. That's really cool and seems totally do-able! Many times the fun cupcakes seem entirely impossible to recreate and get a good look. Thanks for sharing on A Crafty Soiree!

  8. Love the cupcakes! They turned out marvelous!

  9. nice! who doesn't love a great HP treat!!


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