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DIY Harry Potter Themed Election 2016 Shirts - Happy Harry Potter

I'm usually not one to get too passionate about politics, but some tickets are just so perfect, you have to get excited (or too awful to ignore.)  If you're as disgusted as I am with this election cycle and the candidate options, you'll probably be excited with some rumored third-party tickets that may be entering the race at any time.  (This post contains affiliate links to help support my blog.  I have not be compensated in any way for writing this post and all ideas are 100% my own.)

Who wouldn't love to vote for Harry Potter and Ron Weasley as President and Vice...

Or is that Ginny Potter and Hermione Weasley (that's how my 7-year-old is reading it.)

Or if you're looking for a ticket with progressive minds and creative thinking, you might find yourself supporting Hermione and Luna for a run for the White House.

Yeah, I know all the characters are English...but at this point I'm willing to consider anyone who is not Trump or Clinton, and we're sure you'll like these logos more than the recently retired logo from the Trump campaign.

And you can have your very own shirt to, because I'm sharing the files to make your own as my contribution to the Happy Harry Potter series on Raegun Ramblings.  ( favorite blog event of the whole year.)  You'll want to head over to Raegun Ramblings and check out all the cool tutorials each day.

You too can have your very own Harry Potter themed election shirt...for just the cost of supplies and about 1/2 hour of your time.  I used Freezer Paper Stenciling for the adult shirts and iron-on transfer for the children's shirts.  You could also use Heat Transfer Vinyl.  I'm providing printable PDF files as well as the digital cutting files for Silhouette Cutting Machines.  I don't recommend using freezer paper stenciling for children's shirts...the letters end up being so small they don't cut well at that size.

And if you're not up for making your own...I'm not selling them, but you can purchase like-minded shirts from DFTBA.

I've tried several iron-on products for various projects over the years, and my preference is the to use Dark T-Shirt Iron-On Transfers whether I'm working on dark or light shirts.  I've had trouble with scorching or problems with transfer with the clear ones and I don't like the clear sheen that lots of brands have.  You also don't need to reverse the image for the dark t-shirt transfers and I've never had a problem with scorching.  I usually use Avery brand because it's widely available and works well.  Be sure to follow package directions including ironing on a flat surface like a wooden cutting board (not an ironing board) and using and INK JET printer.  For iron-ons, I recommend using the circle/button designs so you end up with no harsh corners.


  • T-shirt in the size of your choice (wash first)
  • Dark T-Shirt Iron-On Transfers
  • Ink-Jet Printer
  • Wooden Cutting Board or similar for ironing
  • Scissors for cutting design.

Freezer Paper Stencil Shirts
If you've never done Freezer Paper Stenciling before, you'll want to see this Freezer Paper Stenciling Tutorial.  You can cut out freezer paper stencil designs with a razor blade, but this design is complex enough that you'll need to cut it out with a cutting machine like a Silhouette.  I've provided links to the free cutting files below.  I cut mine with a blade setting of 3 or 4.


Get your printable iron-on designs and free silhouette cutting files here.

And if you're not inclined to wear the shirt, feel free to share the images and link here on your favorites social media sites to give your friends some laughs.

And there's lots of prizes to be won as part of Happy Harry Potter too, so be sure to enter!
Harry Potter everything. Great book nerd gifts and book swag.

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So many awesome Harry Potter gift ideas. Great for readers

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