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Family Harry Potter Costumes - Snape, McGonagall, Hermione, Ron, Ginny, and Harry

Our whole family of six dressed up as Harry Potter characters for Halloween.  All together, I'll admit it was a lot of work to put everyone's costumes together.  Individually, the costumes were pretty quick and easy to put together, though. 
I'd been keeping an eye out for starting materials at our local thrift store and kids' consignment store for quite a while, so I was able to take advantage of a lot of upcycling instead of sewing everything from scratch.  In fact, the only things sewn from scratch were Katie and Eric's robes, Becca's snitch skirt, and the scarves.

I hope you'll indulge me in a bit of a show-off post.  Eventually I want to share tips for how did the details for each of these costumes, but each one deserves it's own post, and I don't have time to do them justice today.

I'll start with Katie, since she's the one who got us started on this idea.  She's been loving the whole Harry Potter series this year, and got the other kids hooked as well.  Katie's read all the books, but the younger two only know Harry Potter and his friends from the first two movies.

Seth had fun being Ron Weasley.  I thought it appropriate that Ron was wearing borrowed robes, being a Weasley.  (Of coarse his borrowed robes fought over between him and Katie, so they weren't second string.)

Becca made an adorable little Ginny Weasley...and I have to say her personality fits Ginny pretty well.  Becca is quite shy...but down inside she's quite the feisty little spitfire, which I'm sure will show through more as she's older.

Becca's costume was the one I got done mostly early, and you can see more details about how to make her Snitch Skirt here.  Her robe didn't get made until the day before Halloween, though...and I have to say it was one of my more brilliant shortcuts, and I'll be sharing more details about that soon.

Anson was a super cute little Harry Potter.  He's definitely picked up on what wands are give him one at home and he's casting spells at us non-stop.  "Da DAAA!" he yells and points the wand at us.  In public at Halloween festivities he's more reserved about it.  He was actually pretty good most of the time about wearing the glasses...but not on Halloween itself when we'd just woken him up from a late nap to go trick-or-treating.  He also wasn't very agreeable to taking an individual "portrait" type pictures in his costume, so we'll have to dress him up again soon to take some better pictures.

I wasn't sure I'd get my costume done at all.  In fact, all I had the night of our church Halloween party was the green dress and necklace, but I was able to finish up my wizard robe for Halloween itself.  I think it turned out pretty least one of the kids in Katie's class asked if I was "that teacher from Harry Potter" which is pretty good considering most of the 3rd-graders around here don't know much about Harry Potter.

And amazingly enough, it turns out that not many high school students around here know much about Harry Potter.  Eric wore his Snape costume to school.  In fact, we'd planned from the beginning to go all-out on his costume (meaning we actually bought a wig for it) so that he could wear it every year for his costume.  The chemistry teacher dressing up as the Potions Master just seemed like a perfect fit.  By all reports, Eric wore the costume very well and he was very Snape-like..except that a lot of kids didn't know who Snape was.  We can't quite think of a justification for him to show Harry Potter in it's entirety to his science classes, but next year he's going to try to think of ways to incorporate some 1-3 minute Snape clips into his lessons in September and October, so they'll be well primed for his performance on Halloween.

In case you've never noticed, Snape's costume has A LOT of buttons.  In fact, he also has a lot of buttons on his sleeves and those didn't make it on in time for Halloween...but I'm still planning to finish them up soon, so we're already for next year (and I don't want to lose those buttons.)

Anyway, I'm hoping to share tutorials on everyone's costumes fairly soon, even though it's after Halloween.  Maybe one a week or so.
Which one would you like to hear about first?

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  1. That is absolutely adorable. I was impressed that I was able to get one costume completed.

  2. Great costumes. Harry Potter has never looked so adorable.

  3. Wow! These are amazing! You did such a good job putting it all together. You guys look great!

  4. Families that dress up together are one of my very favorite things about Halloween, and I love Harry Potter so this is perfect. I can't wait to have a little family to dress up with!

  5. Great job. I love all of the Harry Potter ideas that you have posted. I wish my kids loved Harry Potter as much as I do. In time they may, they are still quite young. Love the pictures and the costumes.

  6. Fabulous! Everyone looks so good, and the kids look very happy. Your creativity and devotion always inspire me.

  7. I love this! You guys are the cutest family!

  8. Looks like you all had a ball! But what a lot of work for you - and ALL those buttons!!

  9. Ditto to Patty@inStitches - because a lot of buttons means…a lot of button HOLES! Great work, Polly.

  10. Oh my goodnes, I love this!! Big fan of HP here. My daughter was Hermione, it's in my blog (it's a costume from etsy). I love that your whole fam dressed up in HP theme.

  11. Love the entire family in their costumes! You did such an amazing job! I can't imagine all the work that was put into getting one all together for Halloween.

  12. so super cute! the snape wig is hilarious!

  13. I'm utterly flummoxed that there are children ANYWHERE in English-speaking countries who don't know the HP characters. Yikes! Good job educating them on this, (I think), utterly necessary literary delight.

  14. How did you make the ties?

    I found your scarf and robe DIY and my 3yo is probably gonna be Harry Potter for Halloween with his 1yo sister being dobby. Thinking about using eyeliner to draw glasses on though. DS won't wear glasses.

    1. Allyssa, I sewed strips of red and gold together to make striped fabric and then used a free tie pattern I found online. Since then I've found red and gold striped fabric. Sadly when I just went back and looked, it looks like the particular fabric I have is no longer available.


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