Friday, July 25, 2014

Happy Harry Potter Styling Giveaway

Oh my cuteness! You've got to see the cute baby pictures that Debra from Housewife Eclectic and Joyous Moments Photography teamed up with Marissa from Rae Gun Ramblings to take some of the world's cutest baby pictures.  Every baby should be so lucky as to have a Harry Potter photo shoot.

And they used a wand, scarf and Hogwarts Acceptance Letter from my Pieces by Polly Shop.  I've started selling the 3-Piece Gift Sets here or the scarves and letters are also sold separately.  So in celebration of such a brilliant photo shoot, Marissa and I have teamed up with a little giveaway, so you can do your own Harry Potter photo shoot (and get a jump start on your Halloween costumes.)

The winner will receive:
  • One Rae Gun Harry Potter outfit. Your choice size, Hogwarts house colors and style. Either the Harry Potter girly swing top set or the Hogwarts Tie onesie set (this can be done with or without ruffles on the bum)
  • One 3 Piece Gift Set from Pieces by Polly. This includes one Wand, a Scarf to the Hogwarts house of choice, one personalized Hogwarts Acceptance Letter, School Packing List, and Hogwarts Express Ticket
  • Make Love Not Horcruxes bag to carry all your photoprops (or favorite books) to your photo shoot!
Enter using the rafflecopter below.
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And don't forget to join the ongoing Happy Harry Potter celebration going on over at RaeGun Ramblings for a whole two weeks in honor of Harry's birthday coming up.

See these links for more details about other Harry Potter themed crafts we've done...and be sure to check back because I'll be adding more as I get them written up.

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Golden Snitch Necklace

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DIY Quidditch Association Shirt - Freezer Paper Stencil (Girl Version)
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 The Wand Skirt

 Always Doe Pillow

Deathly Hallows Pillow
 Deathly Hallows Pillow

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  1. new little girl would look adorable in that outfit!!

  2. Love all the adorable Harry potter stuff!

  3. Oh my gosh! That swing top set is beyond adorable.

  4. This would be perfect! We need to do our baby's photos soon :) Our nursery is Harry Potter themed!

  5. That is such a cute photo shoot! I never did anything that fun with my babies.

  6. Oh what a lovely giveaway :P Hope i win :)


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